How To Make A Fur & Leather Rucksack By Little Hands Design

With these handy step by step instructions you can make your very own fur and leather rucksack! 

Fur and leather are the ‘it’ styles for handbags A/W ‘16/17 and Spring ‘17. We’re seeing them on the runways from Michael Kors, Salvatorre Ferragam & Marc Jacobs, to name but a few. Fashion insiders have named them Furse’s! Make your own version for a fraction of the price. Check out this our inspiration from Vogue here! 


You will need:

2 x rectangle for rucksack
1 x fur flap
2 x handle
2 x tabs
Leather for pocket
Buckle / clip fastener
Metal rings


Step 1 

Make your tabs by folding the strips in half lengthways and sewing about 0.5cm from edge.



Step 2

Insert into metal rings, fold in half and pin onto the top edge of the back facing down.



Step 3

Lay your fur onto the top back of your bag, right side of fur up. Slightly covering the tabs if in and then top stitch in place.




Step 4

Lay out your pocket and fastening on to the front of your bag to test spacing etc. When you are happy with the arrangement. Sew one half of your fastening onto the middle of your pocket.


Sew the other half onto the underside of the fur!


Step 5

Then sew on pocket to front of back around 3 sides.

Step 6

Make your straps by folding in half lengthways and sewing 0.5cm from edge.


Step 7 

Fold handle into the rings and sew to secure.


Step 8 

Sew other side of straps onto the bottom edge of your bag.


Step 8 

Place back and front right sides together and sew around 3 edges. Make sure handles are out of the way!



Step 9 


Take one of your bottom corners and flatten out to a triangle. Sew across triangle to make your bag 3D. Cut off point and turn right side out and you are done!



If you want some support making your bag get in touch with us at Little Hands Design! You can book a drop in session and have your very own designer bag!

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