How to get your garden ready for the summer

Spring has officially sprung, and the heat and sunshine of the summer are upon us. Do not let your garden cast a shadow over the summer months. Here is how to spruce it up in time for barbecue season.

Add Some Shade To Your Patio Or Decking

Most homes have an outdoor area at the back of the house they can use for lounging or outdoor meals. These few square feet of patio paving or a wooden deck can help make a summer day an event in the home, giving you the option of eating lunch al fresco and spending late nights chatting in the garden.

Finding shade in the height of summer can be difficult, and the hot sun can spoil lunches in the garden. Awnings are a great solution to the problem.

With awnings, you can quickly add a huge amount of shade to your patio and easily tidy it away again in seconds. There is a variety of awning types at Nationwide Home Innovations that can suit anyone’s home and garden. These are functional, high-quality awnings that you can rely upon to be there for you year after year.

Do A Little Landscaping

Nothing gets a garden looking ready for summer like some good old-fashioned yard work. Spend a few hours pulling weeds and tidying up your flower beds, and you will soon notice the change.

With some prior planning, you can have a significant impact on the appearance of your garden. Set aside a weekend to do some work on your yard and visit the garden centre. All you need is some time, a little funds, and an afternoon or two working in the sun to revolutionise your outdoor space.

If you have a bigger budget to play with then you can make some larger additions. Raised planting beds add heights and depth to your garden, and water features bring a touch of class and tranquillity. There are plenty of ways to improve your garden without spending money. Simply cutting the grass and sweeping things up can make things look a lot better.

Clean And Clear Out Your Shed Or Garage

Many homes have outbuildings in their gardens or a garage that acts as a dumping ground for broken garden furniture and a rusting lawn mower.

Clearing out these spaces and organising them helps you get your garden ready for summer and can give you some extra storage space for overspill from home. They can play a role in a bigger plan for your garden too. Why not make renovating your garden space a summer project? You will need areas to store bedding plants, tools, and supplies. A well-organised shed or garage is perfect for this.

You may need to take a few trips to your local refuse centre to safely dispose of all the rubbish and debris that has accumulated in your outbuildings. It will be worth it when you reclaim all that space and put it to beneficial use as storage or a staging area for a full-on garden makeover.

Prep The Barbecue

Too many people miss this crucial summer prep step. You know the drill by now. The hot weather hits, the sky is blue, and the sun is beating down; the perfect British summer’s day.

All around you is the scent of sizzling meat as people break out their barbecues to make the most of the hot weather with some burgers while they sit in the sun. When you go to your trusty barbecue to join in the fun, you find it in a right old state.

Learn from your past summer woes and prepare your barbecue for business ahead of time. Take an hour or two to clean it out thoroughly so it is ready to go at a moment’s notice. Make sure you have the supplies you will need when the day comes too. Stock up on charcoal briquettes and lighting fluid.

Spruce Up Your Fencing

If you are planning to do some entertaining in your garden over the summer, do not let your fences let you down. Freshening them up does not take a lot of time or money.

Fences in good working order will only need a repaint or re-staining to bring them back to their former selves. If some repair work is needed you might need some new panels, or even have a professional come over and fix some holes and cracks in the woodwork.

When you are painting your fences, consider using brighter colours. The stereotypical creosote brown or dark green is a boring look. This is an opportunity to add some light to your garden. Try a pastel pink or baby blue colour.

Gardens are a luxury that many people take for granted. People who live in flats and high rises would do anything to have a garden to relax in on a scorching summer day. Make the most of your garden this summer and spend a little time and money making it look its best.

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