How to create an animated lyrical video for kids

A lyrical video is an extremely popular genre among kids. A lot of kids love to sing and dance along to catchy songs. They also love watching other people perform their dances or songs. This makes lyrical videos an excellent choice for your marketing strategy if you’re targeting children as customers.

Creating an animated lyrical video for kids can be a fun and engaging way to entertain and educate them. Here are some tips to create a 1-2 minute animated lyrical video:

Choose a Song

Select a catchy and age-appropriate song that kids will enjoy. Consider songs with simple, repetitive lyrics that are easy for kids to sing along with.



Develop a storyboard that maps out the scenes and visuals that will accompany the lyrics of the song. Each scene should represent the lyrics and help tell a story or convey a message. Sketch out the characters, backgrounds, and actions for each scene. Then use a lyric video maker to easily create lyrics for your song.


Design and Illustration

Create the visual elements for your animated video. Use digital design software or hire an illustrator to create colorful and appealing characters, backgrounds, and objects. Make sure the visuals are vibrant, child-friendly, and aligned with the theme of the song.


Timing and Animation

Determine the timing for each scene and how the animation will synchronize with the song’s lyrics. Break down the lyrics into segments and assign specific visuals or animations to them. Animate the characters and objects to bring them to life, making sure they are in sync with the music. 


Typography and Text

Use engaging typography to display the lyrics on-screen. Choose fonts that are easy to read and complement the visuals. Add text animations, such as bouncing or fading in/out, to make the text more visually appealing and dynamic.


Background Music and Sound Effects

Find or create suitable background music that complements the song. Consider adding sound effects, such as clapping or animal sounds, to enhance the storytelling and engage the kids’ attention.


Voiceover or Sing-along Option

Decide if you want to include a voiceover or a sing-along option for the kids. A voiceover can guide them through the lyrics, while a sing-along option would display the lyrics on-screen, encouraging them to sing along.


Animation Software

Use an animation software to bring your visuals, text, and music together. Import your illustrations, arrange them according to the storyboard, and add animated gifs, effects, and timing.


Finalise and Export

Once you are done editing the video, export it in the desired format and resolution. Consider different video formats based on where you intend to share the video, such as YouTube, social media, or your website.


So, London Mums, there you have it. The list of tips to successfully creating an animated lyric video for kids and parents alike. Of course, like any lesson on writing, it needs to be learned over time. So don’t expect to be creating these videos on your first try! Practice really does make perfect!

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