How To Create A Family Friendly Garden In London

Lots of people assume that if you live in London you don’t get to have a garden, but in reality, nearly 15% of Greater London is garden green space. This shows that it is entirely possible to have a family home with a garden in the city – although admittedly your garden may be a little smaller than gardens outside of the city!

If you want to transform your outside space into a family friendly garden, don’t feel nervous. It is very easy to create a beautiful, relaxing space that you and your children can enjoy, even if you only have a balcony. 

Set aside a plant growing area

If you want to encourage your children to play outside, you could consider setting aside a small area for growing plants. This will teach them about how plants and flowers grow, helping to nurture an interest in the outdoors. You could also grow vegetables that they can pick and eat! If you have a large garden you can simply set aside an area for growing, but if you live in a flat with a small garden you could consider investing in a vertical plant grower so that it doesn’t take up any ground space.

Add a water feature

A wall fountain will make your garden more peaceful and relaxing, but that isn’t all; the sound of bubbling water can also drown out traffic and the sounds of neighbours, helping to make your garden more private. Wall fountains are also very space friendly as they don’t take up much room, and children tend to love them as they can play with the water. The fountain will also attract wildlife to your garden, which will help your children to learn more about native London birds and insects.

Make your garden interactive

It can also be useful to make your garden more interactive by adding blackboard paint and chalks. Simply treat a fence or an outdoor wall with blackboard paint so that your kids can get creative whenever they are outside. This is a great way to encourage them to play outside more!

It is easy to transform your outside space into a family-friendly space; just follow these tips to make your garden more enjoyable and interactive. This means that the whole family will be able to have fun together when they are outside!








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