How table lights can be used as a decorative accessory

Table lights or table lamps make for the ideal finishing touch to any room. A popular addition to a side table, bedside table or console unit, table lamps can be used as a decorative accessory that is not only great to look at but is practical too.

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With Searchlight Electric’s help, here are some of the many ways a table lamp can be used as a home accessory, highlighting some popular designs too.


Matching a table lamp to room decor

With so many styles and designs to choose from, a great way to use a table lamp as a decorative accessory is to match this to the decor of a room. Popular styles of table lamps include: 

  • Buffet table lamps – these are typically taller table lamps that usually come in pairs, they are exceptionally well placed on console tables and side tables where they help to balance the look of a piece of furniture. These come in a variety of different styles, so can be paired with a wide range of interiors. 


  • Tiffany table lamps – Tiffany lamps get their name from their original designer acclaimed artist, Louis Comfort Tiffany. This design dates back to the Victorian era and features a complete glass shade. Tiffany lamps have been popular for years and look elegant as a focal point of a traditional living room.  


  • Glass table lamps – Glass table lamps have increased in popularity in recent years thanks to the ever-growing love for simplistic interiors. Those with a clear glass base and large shade, make for prominent yet practical bedside tables and living room side tables. 


  • Fringed table lamps – This style of table lamp is reminiscent of decades gone by. Available in a selection of colours, fringed table lamps are an ideal choice for those looking to create a themed room inspired by historical interior design. 

Using a table lamp for task lighting 

Table lamps are the ideal lighting solution for those requiring a small amount of light to complete a particular task. This is why they are the most popular option for offices and desks where a little amount of light is necessary for getting work done. There are many different table lamp designs that are simply perfect for task lighting. Small desk lamps such as those with clear glass shades are ideal as they do not take up too much space when sat on a working desk.  


Where to position a table lamp 

When using a table lamp as a decorative accessory, it is important to consider where this will look best, whilst providing a practical amount of light. 

Larger table lamps often look best in spaces stripped back with neutral colours. The sheer size of the table lamp is what provides the drama in this instance. As opposed to more traditional or novelty table lamps that are a talking point all on their own thanks to their opulent designs. 

Smaller table lamps work best in areas used for practical purposes such as on desks. Offices benefit from bright light but work spaces should not be overshadowed by large, obtrusive table lamps that take up too much space. 


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