How Journaling has changed my life

It is now well known that keeping a daily journal has health benefits. Journaling includes writing down our spontaneous thoughts as and when they spring to mind. It’s one of the simplest habits we can develop, but which has lots of positive effects in our lives. 

Here I have listed some of benefits of journaling that I have noticed over time. 

Getting to know myself better

By writing about my true self, I uncover deeper parts of my soul. I have even found things I didn’t know existed in me – sometimes hidden desires and dreams, talents, fears or creativity.


When keeping a journal, I free my mind, I let all thoughts out and that helps me make room for freedom and joy.

Writing is a creative process, but it also engages my brain – both the left and the right side. 

Over time I have started solving my problems and I have got to know myself through writing. 


I am not in the mood to write, especially first thing in the morning or late at night. But once I’ve started developing this habit, I have persevered with it. I have noticed a general improvement in my willpower as I have built discipline. I don’t always write thoughts or what I have one. Sometimes it’s just a page full of mind mapping with words that float in an empty page. That is very useful to get the creative juice flowing. I often even scribble things or draw flowers or little faces. 

I’ve become more expressive

By building the habit of sharing what’s on my mind every morning or evening or even during the day in a journal,  I have learnt to be more open about my feelings, I’ve found the rights words to describe them, and even started understanding them better.

It helps me discover me creativity

Believe it or not, everyone has a creative genius within. It just needs to be unleashed. Journaling is a great way to improve the writing skills, generate more ideas and develop a better imagination. After a while I have noticed that words come easily and the process makes me live more passionately too.

This is a page from my diary. I was in the mood for colours and flower power ideas came to mind.

It makes me less anxious

When I put my negative emotions on paper, that helps me leave them behind and move on. And often, during the process of journaling, I have understood the origin of my fears, worries and doubts. It’s often been a relieving process. I have become better at thinking of ways to work on those issues so it doesn’t happen again. Especially during the pandemic journaling has helped me overcome isolation fears.  

New ideas

In the beginning, I did not know where to start, I’ve made myself write a few paragraphs. Then, I have found myself coming up with new stuff to share on the page. And I have become an idea generator – ideas for my business, for my music, poetry, my books, ideas on how to improve myself and different aspects of my life. 

I try to encourage my son to do it. There’s a new book, 52 Weeks of Loving You and Others by Barbara Breen, which is a powerful tool to help youngsters thrive in 2021 and beyond. The volume is a book calendar that has different life lessons for young kids to learn and practice week-by-week for 52 weeks, as they navigate life into adulthood. From managing money and forging lifetime relationships, to learning to say sorry and adopting healthy eating habits – Breen’s creation is a powerhouse of inspiration.

It contains a variety of weekly lessons, such as managing your money, learning new things, having fun, healthy eating habits, learning to say sorry, being honest and so much more. There are lots of excellent ideas for journaling. 

Better mood, less stress and better sleep 

Another benefit of letting all my thoughts out and putting them on paper is that my mind gets energised and motivated, and is ready to face the day when I write in the morning or is free to relax if I do some journaling before bedtime. There are health benefits of journaling too, such as feeling less overwhelmed and more relaxed and peaceful.

My mind is alert, because I feel absolutely present while writing.

Another great benefit of journaling is that it makes me think without putting too much effort, and at the same time it allows me to relax and let go of everything that stops me from being in the present moment and truly experiencing it.

I can also think of new ways to do regular stuff, and tackle big ideas more effectively.

Gratitude as a result of journaling

One of the best topics to write about, and another one of the benefits of journaling, is sharing what I am thankful for. Doing it every day, it makes me focus on all the good things I already have in my life, I feel good about and appreciate. That’s the real face of happiness.


I hope these positive effects are enough to convince you to give journaling a try.

What other benefits of journaling do you know of?

And which of these do you think is most important?

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