How Home Designs And Interiors Affect Your Mood

Over time I have figured that my home, rooms and even office space have an effect on my moods on a daily basis. These are the spaces where we live, drink, eat, relax and spend time. With that being said, they also have a strong relation to our moods, feelings and behaviour. It is something that psychologists also agree with. Therefore, everybody prefers an area that is a correct mixture of light and furniture etc. No one wants to give his or her house a depressed look or even too much light. Hence, the key is the right combination of everything and here are my thoughts on home designs and interiors that affect my mood. 

Photo by Damián Stolár on Unsplash

  1. Nature and Relaxation

There was a time when it was thought that offices with great views such as meadows or beaches were distracting, as the employees would focus more towards them rather than focusing on the task at hand.  However, now we know that it is actually the exact opposite.

Natural views tend to relax and increase productivity of employees and members of the house. Busy streets on the other hand with hundreds of people walking along with vehicles and numerous buildings tend to distract more as more cognitive processing is required from brains.

  1. Furniture 

Furniture plays a huge role in uplifting your mood and bringing that “full of energy” vibe to your house. While furniture shopping, decisions should be made carefully as you would want something that is practical, fills your space easily and showcases your style and taste.

Photo by Nirzar Pangarkar on Unsplash

Your dining table, chairs and sofas are going to represent the vibe of your living area, which again needs careful decision making process. Artistic people would love artistic paintings and sculptures on their walls or on tables, while people who like historical concepts will opt for things that represent cultures etc.

  1. Flooring

Flooring plays an important role in keeping the good vibes. Imagine a slippery, messy and stain prone flooring… Yes, it can be stressful and it totally ruins your mood every time you see a dirty floor that you just cleaned up 5 minutes ago. If you want something sturdy, stylish and low maintenance, go for LVT flooring. It is a luxurious flooring option that mimic other floorings such as wood, ceramic and stone. Moreover, it’s scratch and stain resistant making it easy to clean and giving you more time to bond with your family.

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  1. Seating Arrangement and Lighting

Seating arrangements of your house will play a huge role in deciding how people should socialize. If you have seats pushed against the wall, then people are likely to socialize less as compared to seats arranged in a group fashion.

Photo by Sidekix Media on Unsplash 

On the other hand, let us not forget lighting. It too influences our moods in many ways. Low/dim light will make the environment look more relaxed and keep things a bit romantic, while keeping it hard bright will result in the opposite. Natural lighting is something in addition that every house needs since you are not living in a cave. During the winter season especially, natural lighting will play its role in energizing you as well as uplifting your mood and who would not love that?

  1. Colour

Almost everybody is aware that colours represent moods as well. There is a reason restaurants and hotels have different colour schemes and they will also testify to this fact. Soft and mellow colours will encourage guests to spend a bit more time at your place as compared to harsh colours that will make your guests consider your place a temporary place to visit.

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Therefore, colours and seating arrangements especially can totally change the feel of your house. A perfect combination is going to make your guests leave with the desire of visiting again, while a bad one, you can well imagine.

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