Practical Home Solutions to create extra family space

Life as a mum is certainly rewarding most of the times, but, as we all too well know, comes along with huge challenges.

We need to give our children a great upbringing while maintaining our own lives and relationships, a conservatory can be a great way for mums to do just that.

conservatory playroom

For both children and adults alike, a conservatory can be a transition area between the inside and out, it can serve as a place to encourage your kids out of the house and off their games consoles into the garden. Outdoor exercise and exploration is vital for their development, as they need to seek a bit of independence, learn social interactions with other children and take some exercise.

Then when they want to come back indoor the conservatory can help out. Your conservatory can be the perfect place for them to come in to clean and dry off, conservatories usually have tiled floors so you can just go over it with a mop once they are clean and dry.


A conservatory can be a great place to set up the kids and their friends to play without the fear of them messing up the house. The tiled, laminate or real wooden floors are easier to clean and hence can be a great place for arts and crafts, removing paint, crayons, glue and papier-mâché is much easier on these kinds of surfaces over your carpet or wallpaper.

The large floor areas found in the conservatory can also be a great place to set up larger toys and spread out, many of us have struggled to find room to set up a Scalextric or their collections of Lego (with all those little pieces), well the conservatory can be your answer, allowing you some time to chill out or watch some tv while the kids play til their hearts content.

Small children need a chillout space and the conservatory can be a great place for a little timeout or nap time, especially if the weather is nice.

When looking for more space for your family to spread out, consider creating a conservatory.


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