Harry Potter for 4-year-olds: The Philosopher’s Stone Chapter 3

At breakfast one day the post came. Harry picked up the letters and he saw a letter with his name on.

Mr H Potter, The Cupboard Under the Stairs’

Front cover of Harry Potter for 4-year-olds written by a mum and illustrated by a pre-schooler


He was very supprised. Nobody ever sent him a letters. Dudderly saw his letter and told Uncle Vernin. Vernin snatched it away and Harry got angry. ‘It’s mine, give it back.’ said Harry. ‘Go to your cupboard.’ Uncle Vernin said, and he burned the letter. Then more and more letters came ‘f-f-f-f-f-f’ through the door and through the chimney. Hundreds of them. Aunt Pechooniya said ‘How do they know he sleeps under the stairs? They must be watching us Vernin.’ She told Dudderly to move all his toys out of his toy room and give the room to Harry. Dudderly didn’t want to, he went all whiney, but the parents made him. So Harry got the smallest bedroom.

Letters kept coming and Vernin kept taking them away.  Vernin got scardy and ran away with his family to a far-far away island in the stormy sea. ‘They can’t find us here’ he said smiling.

It was nearly Harry’s 11th birthday but Harry’s Aunt and Uncle didn’t remember. When Harry was younger, Uncle Vernon just gave Harry his old socks. Never a birthday cake or a nice present.

Harry was lying on the cold floor under a blanket, in this drafty old wooden house, on the island in the storm, feeling sad and thinking about his birthday. Suddenly he heard a CREEEEEAK and a BOOOO!

And this is how our book is taking shape so far, with the front cover and title page. We just need to punch a few holes and use some ‘rope’ to bind the pages together.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2.




Front coverTitle page

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