Get creative: Art & Craft ideas inspired by Musicals – No Sew Stage Curtain

I love music and musicals! I try to instil my love for music to my son and I think I am achieving the goal of making him appreciate classical music as well as Pop stars such as the Beatles rather than current hip hop tunes. Most kids probably think their mum’s taste in music is light years apart from theirs, but they might actually be surprised.

I don’t need an excuse to celebrate good music from sixties soul to seventies disco. The history of music is fascinating, and with such a wide range of genres there is always something new and exciting to discover particularly on Netflix which has a wide range of golden era classic musicals as well as more familiar ones which our kids listen to these days.

Come on, curtains off! Are you one of the mums who is a closet ‘Belieber’, watching Never Say Never when the kids have been put to bed? We can keep a secret.

And here is a brilliant art & craft suggestion by Craft and Prop Stylist, Kelly Ladd Sanchez who has joined Netflix Stream Team to inspire kids and mums alike. Enjoy crafting and please send us your images via our Facebook page or group.

Before we start with our musicals’ craft project, here is a list of our top musical titles to watch on Netflix

For the Family:

musical netflix justin bieber musical netflix pop starmusical netflix katy perry

Just for Mum:

DreamGirls musical netflix musical netflix hello dolly musical netflix hair

Dreamgirls is available to watch now on Netflix.

Instructions for a No Sew Stage Curtain art & craft project

Now embrace the musical spirit by creating a No Sew Stage Curtain using our craft idea, and form a band with your kids to sing along.

Materials needed:

MATERIALS.musical netflix

Tension rod to fit your doorway
Fabric to fit your doorway
Different colors of felt
Liquid Stitch Glue
Measuring tape
Self-adhesive Velcro dots (optional)
Straight pins
Piece of paper


Step 1:

STEP1.musical netflix

Using your measuring tape to measure your doorway, determine how long and wide your fabric should be, leaving at least one additional inch on each side and bottom and four additional inches on the top. Use the straight pins to hold your hems in place. Once you have the hems exactly how you want them, drizzle Liquid Stitch Glue onto the fabric to hold the hems in place. Let dry. Tip: Glue the top of the curtain last so your tension rod can easily slide through the hole.

Step 2:

STEP2.musical netflix
Draw a triangle shape onto a piece of paper and cut it out. This will by your triangle bunting template. Pin the template onto the felt and cut the triangle out. Repeat until you get the desired amount of triangles you will need.

Step 3:

STEP3.musical netflix
Spread your curtain out on the floor. Place your felt triangles on it to determine where they look best. Once you’re happy with your placement, unravel your ribbon from the spool and lay over the tops of the triangles. This will help you determine how much ribbon you need for each strip of bunting. Cut the ribbon to your desired length. Then take the felt and ribbon off the curtain. Stretch your ribbon out and glue the tops of the triangle to the ribbon to create the bunting. Let dry.

Step 4:


STEP4.musical netflix

Once dry, place the bunting back onto the curtain and glue into place. Let dry.

Step 5:

STEP5.1 musical netflix

Fold the curtain in half lengthwise and create a crease in the fabric. With your scissors, carefully cut the fabric lengthwise, ¾ of the way up from the bottom.

Step 6:

FINAL.musical netflix

Insert your curtain rod in the top pocket and hang on your door. Optional: Adhere (or sew) self-adhesive Velcro dots to the curtains opening to help the curtain flaps stay closed.


Party tip!

kids party

Now that you have set the scene you can invite your best girl pals over for a sing-along night and share it with us – kids are optional! Please post your videos on our Facebook page  or simply tell us which shows you enjoyed.

My favourite classic musical on Netflix is Funny Face with Audrey Hepburn.

Funny face musical netflix audrey hepburn


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