Gardening Lab for Kids: Shoe Garden Project

Spring is a great time to spend more time outdoor and get the kids a bit muddy exploring nature, mini beasts and creating something amazing too in the garden. I am personally not very good at gardening so rely very much on either my capable husband or on manuals when it comes to creating something new in the garden. A new book called Gardening Lab for Kids has the perfect project for my 7 year old son and me called Shoe Garden which is easily explained and illustrated here.

Gardening Lab for Kids Shoe Garden Project London Mums magazineGardening Lab for Kids Shoe Garden Project










Materials required

Lots of old shoes that will hold soil (high top sneakers and boots are perfect)

Scratch awl


Assorted annuals

Anything that will hold soil is fair game to plant in. Reusing old shoes is a great way to recycle and be creative.


1. Poke drainage holes in the bottom of each shoe using the awl. You only need three to four depending on the size of the shoe.

2. Fill each shoe with soil, leaving room for your annuals.

3. Remove each plant from the tray, and gently pull the roots apart to promote plant growth (see page 16). Nestle the plant into the soil and firmly press it into the shoe. Add soil around the roots. Water them each well. Arrange your shoe garden somewhere the whole neighborhood will see it!


Gardening Lab for Kids Shoe Garden Project

Gardening Lab for Kids Shoe Garden Project

Gardening Lab for Kids Shoe Garden Project  Add soil to each shoe 051M

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