Fun and creative ways to organise your work and …. life

3M Post-it Notes are ideal for adding a splash of colour to your messages and reminders. With such a big palette of shades on offer, there’s sure to be a hue to match your message… and brighten up your desk space too!

Instead of using a dull, mundane notepad to jot things down in, I’ve found that using 3M Post- it Notes has been really useful for work related planning and exploring my creativity as well as being fun to use. 3M Post -it Notes are a fun ,fresh and innovative way of giving yourself reminders around both the house and office. Working as part of an editorial team for the London Mums magazine, I am always trying to come up with new ideas of brain storming and planning that fit with the magazines mantra of always thinking outside the box. Here are some ideas that we came up with that really show just how imaginative and constructive you can be with 3M Post -it Notes :-

1) Advent Calendar

post-it notes advent calendar twitter planning

post-it notes advent calendar

We needed to plan and organise some pre-meditated tweets for the countdown towards Christmas… as we have a Christmas gift guide we wanted to play on the well known Carol ‘The 12 days of Christmas’ and link the words of the song with various presents. It was important that we could see what tweets we had come up with, and if they fitted well together. Using the 24 green 3M Post- it Notes, we designed a Christmas tree which we could write the tweets directly on to…..A Post- it calendar if you will. To make it look even more realistic we used a 3M Post- it Notes yellow star for the top of the tree, and one of the larger orange Post its for its pot. The green of the 3M Post- it Notes was perfect for our Christmas – It was extremely eye catching and made the planning easy and fun.

2) Valentine

post-it notes heart shape

post-it notes valentine messages

For our second idea we thought it would be great to use the fuchsia and paler pink heart post it notes to write little romantic and flirty messages to our loved ones, this would be especially useful around Valentine’s Day and makes something that may be considered a fairly ordinary house hold item to be seen in a very different light. We chose the different shades of heart shaped pink 3M Post- it Notes as they are one of the colours typically associated with love and Valentine’s Day. Seeing those hearts and messages would definitely put a smile on anyone’s face especially if found on bathroom mirrors, doors, fridge etc.

3) Brainstorming ideas and mind mapping

post-it notes london mums brainstorming

post-it notes london mums editorial ideas

Another work related idea we had was to use the post it notes as a mind map for planning our future PR scheme which we wish to put into practice next year. As previously mentioned, coming up with new creative ideas in the office can be difficult and sometimes boring, but using the 3M Post- it Notes definitely transformed the experience into one that was enjoyable and different from the ordinary. We chose to use the pale purple 3M Post- it Notes for our mind map as they are a beautiful, elegant colour which reflects a lot with our magazine and the mums that read it. Using the 3M Post- it Notes we transformed one of the plain white walls into a huge London Mums logo where anyone passing was able to jot down ideas about features, editorials, work promotion or areas they would like to explore in the forthcoming year in order to build a plan.

4) Flip Book

An idea that is not work related but brilliant for parents/ careers looking to kill some time over the half term was to use a whole pad of the white 3M Post- it Notes to create a flip book. We used the white 3M Post- it Notes as any drawing they did would stand out and if they wanted to, the children could colour in their pictures. One of the stories we came up with was a very simple one of a little boy building a snowman, the sun comes out and then the snowman melts. The children loved making them, and it was great as they then had a product at the end of it all that they had created which they could take home and keep to show their family and friends.

5) Mistery celebrity game
post-it notes mistery celebrity game

The final idea we came up with was to use the yellow star shaped 3M Post- it Notes in a game where you had to write down a famous celebrity onto a 3M Post- it Note and stick it onto the head of the person next to you. You then ask each other questions which can only have Yes or No answers in order to find out/ guess which celebrity you are (whose name is on the Post -it on your forehead). This is a brilliant game and can be played anywhere- such as at home ( again this is a great one to play with the kids if the weather is terrible and you’re stuck at home), the office, in the car and even at dinner parties!

These are only a few of London Mums’ ideas but there are lots of others on the Facebook page of Post-It UK. Many are amazing colourful and other quirky ideas and more importantly not just for office use but also for fun!

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