How to make a Birthday Card “Met any morons lately?”

It is my friend’s birthday next month so I decided to make her a personalised card. She is in her 30s and still single. My friend would make a fantastic Mum but you guessed it, meeting a decent man is like finding the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The birthday card design started off with the usual girly stuff, handbags and shoes.

But as I glanced over at one of my little girls postcards I saw her Moron the Carrot design which she created to help me learn some Welsh words.

I giggled to myself and just had to recreate this little character with a speech bubble saying “Met any morons lately?”

Like me she has met some real Morons! Moron is Welsh for Carrrot. But it is one of my favourite Welsh words because of the English meaning. I can get away with saying to the children at school “Moron” when I offer them carrots, te he. I have to say the Welsh kids are great and it always makes my day when they say thank you for their Morons.

Making the cards last night with my little girl was great fun. Arts and crafts takes the stress out of life. Give it a try.

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