Four simple ways you can increase the value of your home

If you want to understand how to increase the value of your home, you should make sure that you check all of the appropriate boxes, as this will ensure that you are genuinely adding value without having to spend any more money.

Building an addition, installing a brand-new kitchen, and sprucing up the exterior of your home are just a few of the many wonderful ways that you can increase the value of your property and make it more appealing to potential buyers. Thankfully, these are just some of the many wonderful ways that you can do so.

There are some projects that can be completed quickly and easily, and they will offer instant appeal to the interior of the home. Other projects, however, may include substantial additions that will give you curb appeal or assist you in selling your house for the appropriate price on the property market.


Look At Structural Issues

Subsidence and other structural problems can have a significant impact on the value of a home, so fixing them should be a top priority for anyone looking to increase their property’s worth.

There’s no point in conducting any sort of décor or interior work like installing a new kitchen or bathroom unless this is taken care of first.

Subsidence and other structural problems can necessitate underpinning work, making them some of the most costly aspects of a remodelling project. Nonetheless, they are crucial in terms of increasing the value of your home.

The following are some further instances of structural defects:

  • Roofs that sag or leak
  • Fog is rising
  • Walls showing structural fractures
  • Walls that bend
  • Roof rafters or joists that have rotted
  • Infestation by insects
  • Broken or missing roof tiles
  • A shaky stack of chimney bricks
  • A broken slab or floor
  • In the event of structural damage, it is recommended to consult a builder, surveyor, or structural engineer.


New Heating System

One of the best methods to increase the value of your home is to replace an old heating system.

There is no better way to increase your home’s value than by upgrading the central heating system. There was often no central heating in older homes or the systems were antiquated and in need of replacement.

Improving a building’s energy efficiency in tandem with updating or installing a central heating system is a surefire strategy to increase the property’s value.


You can try things like:

  • Keeping the cold out by caulking the window and door frames
  • Installing double pane glass in previously broken windows
  • Loft insulation If the current boiler is in good working order and has a sufficient output for the heat requirement of the building, it should be used whenever possible; however, this is not the case with boilers that take in air from inside the home.


If the boiler is large enough, new radiators, a heated towel rail, and possibly even underfloor heating, could be added.

Easy Bathroom Updates

Try to have one bathroom for every three bedrooms, and if yours is on the lower floor, think about relocating it to the main level.

Bathrooms need to seem clean and tidy to attract buyers, but they can also be upgraded to increase their perceived worth.

Invest in good lighting and soothing neutral paint colour for the walls. Substitute a triple halogen spotlight unit for a single pendant if the illumination is insufficient.

Roof lights or a light pipe might be installed in a bathroom that does not have any windows. Have a look at the floors to walls shower wall panel range to make the most of the space you have available. 


Tips for increasing your home’s value through bathroom remodelling:

  • Most homebuyers will want a shower in at least one of the bathrooms.
  • First, determine whether you have a mains pressure system (typical in newer homes), a gravity fed system (possible with a power shower), or a combi boiler system, and then purchase the appropriate device
  • If the present toilet ware is broken, soiled, or of an out-of-style hue (think pink, avocado, peach, or chocolate brown), it should be replaced. The safest bet is a standard white bathroom set that includes a tub/shower combination, washbasin and toilet.
  • Maintain a sanitary floor at all times. Choose a floor covering made of vinyl or tiles.
  • White tile paint could be used to update outdated tile. Tile over the old ones if you need to replace them, as doing so is easier and quicker than removing them.
  • Instal an exhaust fan in the lavatory for fresh air circulation.
  • Consider installing a heated towel rail, and consider installing a mirror or two to make the room feel larger and brighter.
  • Contemplate installing underfloor heating if you’re replacing your flooring, but know that an electric mat system will add 3–4 mm to the finished floor height.

Look At Your Garden 

The value of your home will not rise if the garden is a mess. Adding a patio and clear borders can help to resolve this. 

If you want to increase the value of your home and make it more desirable to potential buyers, consider redesigning your garden so that it is both beautiful and well-organised. The idea is to have an extension of your living space outside. 


The following are some things to think about before you begin:

  • Increasing the sense of privacy and thus the property’s worth is essential.
  • Fencing and established trees are two options to think about.
  • Defining areas using fences and walls is an option.
  • Pergolas and other garden structures can add a nice place to sit when gardening, dining, barbecuing, storing, mowing the grass, and working.
  • Decks are a great way to increase the value of your home by giving the impression of more usable space between your home and yard.


Don’t skip the fundamentals just because you’re not giving your landscape a complete overhaul.

  • Pick up trash and throw away dead vegetation.
  • Fix the lawn’s weeds and fertilise it.
  • Tidy up the overgrown bushes and trees.
  • Beds and borders can be shaped into all sorts of fascinating designs.
  • Colour and visual appeal can be added through gardening.


These are some of the simple ways you can improve your home and add value. Do you know any more that should be included?

Please add them to the comments below. 

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