Four Fun Ideas for the Bank Holiday

With the weather heating up and the final May bank holiday on the horizon, I have three major tasks on my agenda: fun, fun and home improvement. After talking with friends and getting some great suggestions for family friendly fun (try saying that five times fast!) as well as quaint home renovation ideas, there is no reason why the two concepts have to be mutually exclusive. Feel free to hitch your wagon to any of these stellar ideas for a bit of well-deserved entertainment with the kiddies and simple upgrades designed to make your home feel fresh, after all, the next bank holiday is on its way – ok, three months, but there won’t be much time to spruce up your home until August!

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Replace Knobs, Faucets and Fixtures
This venture falls under home improvement and is a simple project designed to change to look of a loft conversion, kitchen, bedroom or bathroom – with as little work as possible! Door knobs, sink faucets and light fixtures are simple elements that can seriously change the look of a room. Going from silver to bronze, or from a chandelier to canopy alters the feel of a room and provides fresh focal points. A new, modern faucet can make a sink in your kitchen or bathroom look brand new again. If you decide to undertake this project, just make sure the new fixtures are compatible with the old; that will make switching the two a very easy upgrade.

Hahahopscotch (May 25)
On the last Sunday of each month parents can kick back with custom cocktails and mingle with other parents in the Brunel Museum’s gardens while their offspring run about and frolic in the fresh air. The play day is broken into two sessions. The first, appropriately dubbed ‘Giddy and Green Fingered’ is a gardening session for budding horticulturists, or kids enjoy getting elbow deep in dirt! The second session, ‘Brunel’s Traditional Games’, involves sack races, games of marbles and tug of war. Tickets are available online in advance.

Marvellous Mummies (May 24 – 26)
This is another activity for the kids. Viewing mummies with their mummy – get it?! Ok, bad jokes aside, the British Museum is hosting a huge mummy exhibit and I thought it would be a great day trip, mixing fun with activities and sneaking in a bit of learning. Kids will likely be so enthralled with the sarcophaguses, they won’t realise they’ve just been educated about ancient traditions, brilliant! There will be interactive shows, arts and crafts and gallery experts on-hand to answer any questions. No booking required, just drop in.

Add Wainscoting
Now, I am completely sold on this home improvement for my neutral loft. Adding wainscot is very affordable and can make a room look so chic and expensive! But what looks like a complex and arduous wall design is actually straightforward and simple, my kind of DIY! All you have to do is measure the room’s baseboards, purchase the panels, and acquire paint-friendly glue to put it up.

I hope you enjoy the late May bank holiday with the kiddies, and are able to incorporate these chic home upgrades that are so simple, the kids can help! If you have any other simple renovation ideas, leave them in the comments section below and I’ll get back to you 🙂



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