Mother’s Day keepsakes & creative Spring activities

It’s going to be Mother’s Day soon and you know you may get the conventional candle, kitchenware or flowers from the school sale. But think how great it would be to celebrate this day with your little ones by creating some memorable keepsakes.

Here are some ideas on how to do it cost-effectively by using new POST-IT notes called FAN because they are Super Sticky Full Adhesive Notes.

Mother’s Day keepsake

Mother's Day keepsake post it notes FAN

The Mother’s Day keepsake could be called ‘the little book of mummy’ and I would encourage the kids to use the new Post-it notes called FAN for a long lasting value to the booklet and the funky colours.

On the first FAN kids could write their mum’s name along with ‘the little book of mummy’. In the pages inside Kids would write all their favourite mummy’s memories, anecdotes or alternatively they could draw those memories as only kids can do.

The FANs could be stuck onto white notepads. The end result would be a stylish, fact-filled, curiosity-inducing personalised book totally dedicated to a mother and a gift like no other. You can make it as sophisticated as you wish by adding different colours and content of course and why not adding some little things you collected for mum. Don’t be ashamed to make it for your mum even as an adult!

Spring and Easter decorations
spring origami post it notes fan

This year I have decided we are going to make our own Easter decorations and I thought FANs would be perfect to create some home made flowers to decorate the Easter egg baskets as well as the kitchen. Here are very simple origami. The FANs are quite sticky so the origami hold on quite well. We have made two different flowers to make the baskets #FullofLife. I have never made origami before but I thought I’d give it a go. And I must confess I really enjoyed the task and will do more in future.

Spring cleaning
spring cleaning post it notes fan

Spring clean your house before Easter by decluttering and selling old stuff on ebay or at car boot sales.

If you want to sell your old car or your old kids’ bike – just stick a colourful FAN on it as shown in our image to ensure it stays on for longer for people to notice when they pass by.

Otherwise you can sell your home made jams and marmalade to earn a few extra £££. The FANs are fantastic to label the pots.
FAN post it notes FacebookPost_HOME MADE JAM

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