Easy craft idea: create your book and TV character

Try out this easy craft idea that you can do with your family before or after you read the book and watch the film (as suggested in the post here). Personalise your child’s room with book pages from his or her favorite story.

Materials you’ll need

Easy craft idea step 1

Favorite book (we have used Thomas the Tank for this craft)

Craft block letters (available at any craft shop or online on ebay)
PVA Glue

White craft paint

Foam brush

Photocopied pages from your favorite book


How to do it:
Easy craft idea step 2

Photocopy your favorite images from the pages of your favorite book at an office supply store or with your home printer. (If the images are too big or too small for the craft letters, reduce or enlarge the size of the images.) Paint your craft block letters with 2-3 coats of white paint. Let dry

Easy craft idea step 3

Cut out your images from the photocopies and arrange them on the letters exactly how you want them to look. One idea is to tell the book’s story with pictures or words on your craft letters, or you can just place your favorite images anyway you like on the letters

Easy craft idea step 4

Then, using the foam brush spread PVA glue on the back of each image and place them on the letter. Wrap any paper ends that extend outsider the letter tops around the letter sides and unto the back, if necessary. Once you have glued all of the images where you like them, spread PVA glue over the entire top and sides of each letter.

Easy craft idea step 5

Let dry completely.

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