Easter break activities on a budget

Easter break family fun does not need to be expensive at all. Read London Mums top holiday activities including indoors and outdoors entertainment which will cost you close to nothing. 

Watch a movie

As for the first part of the Easter break there’s a bad weather forecast I suggest you look in your DVD library for your favourite family films and stay inside nibbling healthy snacks (and a couple of Easter eggs too), cuddle up with your little ones until the rain has stopped watching inspiring and/or funny stories.

Check London Mums’ favourite classic movies in the online archive.  


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Egg decorating

There’s always time and energy to be creative. It’s easy enough to boil eggs for five minutes until they are hard inside. As soon as they are cold, pick up any pencils, paint, felt pens and other art material that you can find in the house and start decorating the eggs. Kids can add feathers and other accessories and go wild! 


Make child-friendly Easter Recipes

The London Mums’ recipe archive includes lots of easy Easter recipes like Chocolate Easter nests and hot cross buns that are quick to make with the kids and they taste delicious.

Grab a few bars of chocolate, cereals such as shredded wheat or cornflakes and get melting and mixing. Finish the cakes with mini eggs for yummy treats.


Easter egg hunt

Get a some foil-wrapped mini chocolate eggs from a supermarket and hide them in the garden. Make it as easy or as complicated as you wish to keep the children entertained for as long as possible. 

Kids will love hunting for the chocolate eggs and running around outdoors. You can also write clues on little colourful pieces of paper and stick them in hidden places. 


Organise an egg race

There’s nothing more fun than an. There has to be a start and finish in the garden and someone to act as a referee. Keep the fun going and burn some of the calories from the chocolate eggs. 


Go for a walk with or without a dog 

If you have family or friends over during the Easter break, suggest a walk in the park with or without the dog.

It is the best way to burn the calories consumed, do some exercise, get some fresh air and spend time with them. And it’s free entertainment too. 


Have a picnic in the garden or in the park 

If the weather is good and dry, why not having a Spring picnic in the park. Check London Mums’ perfect Picnic Checklist including food & activities.


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