Draculaura dolls bat mask Monster High now selling on Ebay

Monica from London Mums inspired me to have a go at selling some of my dolls costumes on Ebay. So this sunny Saturday I have started with the Draculaura bat mask, which is designed, handmade and hand painted by me, Sharon J.Bainbridge.

I have signed the back and numbered them. Who will get No.1 and 2?

Here is the ebay listing if you want to get it:


Who knows these little masks may be worth a hell of a lot of money in years to come if you go by my Butterfly Lullaby fairy book sold by Waterstones USA:


Here are some of the fairy costumes I designed and handmade for my fairy book Butterfly Lullaby worn by the Mark Jermin Stage school at my book launch back in March 2007:

Looking back at my old photographs I was Draculaura. And I actually designed and made my very first Gothic Draculaura costume which I wore to Mr Cherry’s Pub in Hastings (England) where I worked back in the 1980’s. One day I will share these photos with you and we can all have a little giggle. Just have to make sure my little girl does not follow in Mummy’s footsteps with the wild look!

Should I sell the Cobweb hat on Ebay too? Will have a ponder!

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