DIY Harry Potter picture book: Potted for 4-year-olds

Introducing Harry Potter for the very young. When the film and book are over their heads, but they desperately want to know the story…

DIY Harry Potter picture book Potted for 4-year-olds drawings

Book 1: The Philofososs Stone

Chapter 1

Harry was a baby. His parents dieded because the baddy wizard Voldimor deddid them with a baddy spell. Harry was ok because he had lots of special love magic from his mummy and daddy to keep him safe. But he got an ouchy place on his head from the Voldimor spell and it stayed there all his life.

DIY Harry Potter picture book Potted for 4-year-olds drawings

DIY Harry Potter picture book Potted for 4-year-olds drawings


Harry was famous coz he made the baddy spell bounce back onto Voldemor so Voldemor hurt hisself by mistake. He had to fly away and hide till he found some more baddy friends to help him get strong. Every Harry Potter book, Voldimor comes back and tries to deddid Harry again.

The goodie wizard Dumbedor had to help Harry. Dumbedor told the giant man Hagrid to take Harry on his flying motorbike to Harry’s uncle and aunt’s house. They left him on the doorstep outside with a letter saying ‘Please look after Harry’. Next morning Aunt Petunia came out to get the milk for breakfast and went Arrrrgh! coz she saw the Harry baby and was supprised. She didn’t want him but she took him in.

Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon were not nice to Harry, they let him sleep in a dark detty place under the stairs. When he was a bit older they made him cook and clean like Cinderella. Poor poor Harry. They gave him bad presents on his birthday and didn’t give him enough food. They didn’t love him and he didn’t know why.

Make a picture book with your child. 

Mums, Dads and Carers: Print the text out, cut out the paragraphs separately and stick them in strips on several sheets of A4 paper, at the bottom. Leave space for your children to draw and colour the characters and events. And hey presto: home-made bed-time reading.

Chapter 2 coming soon!


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