Decorating the Easter Table – Crafts to do with your children

Easter Sunday is about more than Easter eggs but if your children are like mine, they have very little interest in anything else! To introduce them to the idea that Easter Sunday is a day of ancient celebration and feasting, why not create something special to decorate the Easter Table? I like to have all my old favourites on display that day and napkin rings made of felt are a pretty addition to a place setting. They are easy to make and easy to personalise – use any scraps of lace, ribbon or buttons that you have stashed away for instant personality and vintage appeal.

felt napkin rings

You will need:
Scissors, pinking shears
Needle and thread
Ribbon, beads, lace, fabric scraps, buttons
Bond-a-web to attach appliqué
Wool felt available online – or from haberdashers

Cut strips of felt 5cm wide by 16cm long. Take care to keep the cutting lines straight. Use the pinking shears to create a decorative edge, or carefully cut a scallop edge with embroidery scissors. I used a combination of edging to add variety. Arrange your trims until you are happy with the mix of embellishments that you’re working with – I chose a classic Easter colour palette of yellow, white, blue and green.

cutting and stitching


Using a needle and thread, attach the trims in your chosen pattern. I chose to work in a contrast thread to add a country feel. Add any beads or other the trim to further secure any loose threads. If using bond-a-web, cut out the motif to be appliquéd and a piece of bond-a-web the same size. Place the motif in your chosen position on the felt, place the bond-a-web between the felt and the motif and cover with a smooth tea towel to protect your work from the heat of the iron. Carefully iron in place.

attach feature trim

Attach the feature trim and then create the ring by tucking the opposite end of the felt strip behind it. Work through all the layers of felt to make sure the ring is stitched securely. Add any other embellishments and finally make sure all the ends are trimmed neatly on the reverse so that they don’t get caught on anything.

three napkin rings

I wanted to create all my napkin rings with a different look, but this is a project that can be as individual as you are and for a really unique set of napkin rings, the important thing is to get your children involved. Be prepared for a few pricked fingers and impatient moments, but it’ll all be worth it when they see their handiwork on the Easter Table. Before you know it, these napkin rings will be family heirlooms – filled with happy memories and a talking point in years to come!

Happy Easter everyone.

preparing the Easter Table

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