How to come up with great ideas for blog posts

So many people are blogging nowadays, that one of the questions I hear very often, freelancing in digital marketing, is how to come up with the right ideas for blog posts. 

ideas for blog posts

So, I thought it could be useful to discuss blog posts, how to have great ones, how to make sure that the topics that you are covering in your blog actually accomplish the goals that you want and how do you not run out of ideas.

First, let’s try and list which are the five main goals of a blog so that you can identify which ones are yours. Then, we’ll see five ways of coming out with great ideas for blog posts.

I hope this will be useful for you: in any case, I’d love your feedback!

The Goals of a Blog

What was your aim when created a blog, on your company’s website or on your personal website or for the project that you are working on?

Usually, the goals of a blog are:

  1. To attract a certain audience and/or a certain type of influencers,
  2. To rank higher on the search engines and grow the authority of your website and social media associated to it such as Pinterest and Twitter.
  3. To inspire trust from your readers
  4. To provide a reference point for your opinions (if you are an author, journalist, writer);
  5. To give the first step to an audience to get further action.

Having this goal in mind, let’s see how can we find some…

Five ways to get great ideas for blog posts

We all have something worth sharing. We just need to realise what it is. So, let’s check if…

  1. Are the any unanswered (or poorly answered) questions in your field that your audience is already asking, and you have a way to provide great answers to? Research your audience and come up with some answers to their questions, then write articles to provide them.
  2. Do you have access to unique types of assets that other people don’t? It can be research, data, insights, stories, narratives, experiences, that help you stand out in a topic area. You can do statistic resource, quantity resource, crowdsourcing through audiences that you have already got (E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), insider interviews, proprietary data, curation of public data, or maybe you have special access to people, information or experience that none else has and you can present that. Think of it: those assets can become great post ideas!
  3. Many personal bloggers do this, but also many more company blogs should: relate personal experiences to some compelling stories, with headlines that drive people in. It can be an experience you had, taking inspiration from photos, a journal, conversations, travels outside of your comfort zone.
  4. Cover a topic that is hot and trending in your field. Build up in the amplification process, talking about something that others are talking about, too. Other bloggers will have the incentive to check out what you are writing about and potentially share it!
  5. Take inspiration from keyword research. Figure out what people search for and cover it.

Where and how do you usually get your inspiration and ideas for blog posts? Let us discuss this in the comments!

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