Christmas ideas to keep the kids busy during the holidays

Christmas is almost here–which means that Christmas holidays are round the corner too! Below are a few ideas to help keep them busy:


Group of three children in Christmas hat with presents on floor

1. Make a snow globe together. You will need a jar, an ornament, water, glycerin and some glitter.

Xmas Snowglobe
• Glue the ornament/figurine to the inside lid of the jar. Make sure the glue has dried fully before moving onto the next step.
• Fill the jar with water to the very top.
• Add a dash of glycerin (pour for 1 second).
• Pour in some glitter and give everything a good stir!
• Seal the lid and you have made a snow globe!

2. Go on a candy cane hunt!

The kids will love searching for candy canes either in the park, house or garden. A great way to get them counting, whoever finds the most wins a special surprise!


3. Holiday baking.

EC Cookie Crumbles Pic 1

Yes it wouldn’t be Christmas without some holiday baking, keep it as simple or complicated as you like. Whether you are making the cookies from scratch or buying some and letting the kids decorate, this always goes down a treat!

Pastry chef who prepares the cake


4. Instead of gingerbread houses- try using upside down ice cream cones to make some Christmas trees!

festively lit homemade gingerbread house with christmas tree and decorations

Make some different coloured icing (or buy some), and let the kids cover the cones and stick on candy and sprinkles. They look amazing!


5. Make Christmas cards.


Get the kids to use their imagination and create their very own Christmas cards, all you need is paper, glue, cotton balls, scissors, colours, (glitter- for those who don’t mind the mess!), felt, googly eyes (great for snow mans!).


6. Teach your kids the true spirit of Christmas -of giving, caring and compassion. The holidays present an ideal opportunity to sift through items, and find some that aren’t being used. Get your children to pick a toy they have outgrown and donate it to a charity themselves.


For more ideas, or to share any of yours please contact me Sonya Thiru!

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