Christmas budgeting: Save money with Family Secret Santa 

We are all familiar with Secret Santa at work: it’s fun, surprising, saucy at times, and economical. Well we can adapt this game to our family gathering this Christmas, since, let’s be frank, we none of us have got the time or money or energy to be buying a present for each of our family.

Santa Claus puts presents under the Christmas tree

Rules of the game:

  1. Each guest brings one present and walks away with one present.
  2. Charity, recycled, repurposed, vintage, antique, home-made, pre-existing gifts only.
  3. Total spend not to exceed £X, whatever you all agree is affordable.
  4. General presents that most would like, with a few surprises, such as a booby prize like a kitsch Japanese Bob-a-doll.
  5. All the presents are wrapped and piled up.
  6. The oldest person starts by opening a present of their choice.
  7. The order of precedence is by age getting gradually younger.
  8. Each player can steal an opened present of another player if they prefer it to the one they have just opened.
  9. Players can collaborate to secure presents for each other and plunder strategically.


Have a plunderful Christmas!


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