Children’s game Bubble Head Balloons

Little Snowflake comes up with the most amazing little character ideas. There she was sitting in the kitchen blowing up balloons. I was just washing up and then suddenly she said “Mummy what do you think of this?” There before my eyes I saw two balloons stuck to each other. One little and one big! It looked like a balloon bomb.

She then got hold of the black marker pen and started to draw a face on him. Before I knew it the kitchen was full of Bubble head balloon characters. Well I have to say I think they are totally unique.

Next she takes me into the front room and takes one of the balloons off. I watch in amazement as it whizzes around the room and smile. There is my little girl laughing and jumping with joy. Now I thought to myself that is a happy child with a real childhood!

Would you like to buy one of her Bubble Head Balloons. The faces she creates are just out of this world. Contact me via this page, if you want.

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