Car care tips you can do in lockdown

I am a disaster when it comes to car issues. But now that I cannot access service garages to get my car checked I have taken a more DIY approach to car care. I have researched basic safety tips to consider during this pandemic for vehicle care at home.

If you are living in London, Essex or any other prime locations, you are well aware that pandemic has caused a lot of chaos and people prefer staying home rather than going out. There are few main things that all of you need to take in consideration regarding your car safety.

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Check Vehicle’s Engine

You know that nowadays you consider staying home and driving your vehicle as little as possible. It is good to keep yourself safe but you need to check upon your vehicle’s engine as it is necessary for it to warm up too. There are chances that it may not function properly if the car is kept locked and not driven for many days.Therefore even if you are not considering driving , you need to start the engine and keep it in running for 10 to 15 minutes so that the engine warms up.


Check your tyre pressures

It is a likely chance that the air pressure in your tyres might get unbalanced if your car is not regularly driven. This can cause the air pressure in tyres to reduce causing underinflated tyres that might cause unexpected tyre puncture in case you need to go out in an emergency. Hence , you need to regularly check your tyres for a balanced amount of pressure in them for a smooth drive.If you are looking to replace your old tyres with new tyres near Essex and want to achieve the right tyre pressure – you can visit Jet Wheel Tyre (01268988552).


Check your car battery 

Not driving your vehicle regularly can also affect the health of a vehicle’s battery slowing down the chemical processes within it. This will eventually lead to deterioration and flattening of the car battery. What you need to do is that even if you are not driving your car on a regular basis, you need to have a visual check on the battery by opening the bonnet and looking for any corrosion and should check water level in batteries.


These handy points will help keep the health of your car safe and you will not face any halt while driving during this lock down.

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