Bumblebee face painting made cheap

Mums, I feel like I have been in a recession for over 11 years. How do you feel? To brighten up your day I will give you ‘cheap Bumblebee face painting’ ideas. Role the music…

You will need the following makeup to create the bumblebee fairy face mask:

1. One black pencil eyeliner (optional black liquid liner)

2. Gold eye shadow

3. Yellow eye shadow or face paint

4. Gold craft glitter




Now for the important message! Mums can move mountains and change our world to be a kind one for our children. Open your eyes and see why we need change…

Only this year nasty, greedy, selfish men thought they could get the better of me yet again. As I am at the top of Google they tried to use my name Sharon J. Bainbridge to promote their sick adult things with my little girls images. I am so damn angry because I want an apology from the Internet service providers for putting me through hell and for adult sites to be fined for stopping me trading!

Mums, please support us and help us put a stop to child abuse and abuse against women. Family values should be at the top of the Governments agenda and our children must come first! I believe that David Cameron is a good father and wants change for his child, make him listen. Make him invest in Mums because our children are our future and they need protection. And for those children with talent that cannot go to stage school because the wages are so low, they should be allowed to show their talent with videos on the Internet. Every child deserves a chance to shine!

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