Make your own Bratz doll Bumblebee costume pattern & mask

Yesterday I was trying to create a butterfly pattern for the Bratz doll to sell on Ebay, when it all went horribly wrong (or did it?). The butterfly mask ended up looking like a bumblebee. As I am one of those fluke people who just goes with the flow, I thought oh well, I may as well make a bumblebee costume pattern instead.

The great thing about this pattern/kit idea is that is it child friendly. Children love to make things and this little number is one that needs no sewing at all! Quick, easy and fun. If you buy the kit, all you need is crayons (felt tips or paint,) and a black biro pen. I used something very special from my kitchen.

Thanks London Mums for inspiring me to be creative, I am going to list this on Ebay today as well as the other digital patterns and see if this Mummy can get her independence back! I may even offer kits. What do you think? Leave me a comment!

If you love bumblebees check out my face painting videos here on this Mums’ Magazine. And I will leave you with some photos I took of bumblebees in our back garden. I love my little girl’s bumblebee song!

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