Arts & Crafts ideas for kids games

Arts and crafts are a great way to keep children busy and entertained. You really don’t need to be a ‘crafty’ person yourself to be creative with your kids. There are hundreds of different craft projects that you can make with your children that don’t need any specific skills or tools, and you can complete them in less than half an hour. For most arts and crafts, you can use everyday items that you already have around the house. All you need is the necessary sparks of inspiration to get the ideas flowing to transform a piece of paper and a blob of paint into something magnificent.

Here are five great arts and crafts ideas to keep your children busy for hours come rain or shine.

1. Origami

Origami is one of the simplest craft ideas, and all your need is a piece of A4 paper to get started. It’s a great craft activity that can be done anywhere – with the added bonus of minimal mess and clean-up.

The Japanese art of paper folding has varying levels of difficulty, so it offers something for everyone. Whether it’s an origami bird, boat, plane, hat, lion, cat or whale, there are countless tutorials online that can teach children of all ages (and adults) how to make all manner of things from paper with just a few folds.

2. Paint pebbles and rocks

A very simple but satisfying arts and crafts activity is painting pebbles and rocks. All you need are some clean stones and some acrylic paints or poster paints. A layer of clear varnish afterwards will make the pebbles waterproof. Children can transform the rocks into anything they wish – the stones can become an insect, an animal or even a vehicle. Paint the rocks black and add white spots for a fun game of dominos. The rocks could even become succulents, just paint them to resemble cactuses and pop them inside a plant pot filled with sand. Glue a few of the stones together to look like large cactus plants.

3. Back and forth drawing game

This drawing game allows each person to build off of what the other person has drawn. It’s great for kids to practice their drawing skills while seeing where their imaginations take them. It helps children to connect through drawing, and adults can even have fun joining in too! All you need is paper, pencils and lots of imagination. One person starts by drawing something as simple as a circle, line, outline of a house or pair of eyes. Then each person takes it in turns to add new elements to the picture each time it’s their turn. If you carry on with it for long enough, you’ll end up with a big picture that has a great mixture of styles and ideas.

4. Salt dough ornaments

If your kids want to do some crafting but don’t have any arts and craft supplies in the house, salt dough is the answer. All you need is salt, flour and water. Salt dough is so fun to make, and your kids can get involved in mixing, rolling and cutting out the shapes. They can then decorate with pens, paints or food coloring. From the salt dough, they can make ornaments, pretend dinosaur fossils, Christmas tree decorations, special keepsakes and gifts. Once your kids have finished making their creations, just pop them into the oven for between 90 minutes and two hours, depending on the thickness of the dough.

5. Dream catchers

Dream catchers are really fun, and you don’t need many supplies to make them, just some cheap uncoated paper plates, string, glue and things to decorate them. To make a paper plate dream catcher, all you need to do is:

  • Cut out the paper plate’s centre, leaving only the other ring
  • Punch holes along the ring’s inner edge to hang the dream catcher and attach some feathers at the bottom
  • Let your kids’ imaginations go wild as they decorate the paper ring
  • Take three lengths of string or wool and tie a feather to one end and then add beads onto the string
  • Cut a length of string to place across the middle of the plate
  • Tie off the string on one hole
  • Weave the string through the holes across the middle of the ring to create a web
  • Add some beads at random to the string
  • To finish, attach the feathers and a loop of string to hang it.

If you are ready to have a fantastic arts and craft session with your kids, there are a ton of fun art and craft activities your children can do whatever their age. You will likely already have most of the supplies you need at home. All you need to get started is plenty of imagination and creativity…

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