Adopting farmhouse interior in your home: Five things to think about

The farmhouse style is one that has been rooted in the principles of the simplicity of design for decades. Practicality, with a natural element based on neutral colours and classic or vintage furnishings, is at the heart of what this design has to offer. However, you may have seen that the style is now popping up in different environments with a slight twist. Venues like bars, restaurants and hotels are taking the traditional and offering it with a modern edge to customers – and they seem to love it! So, how do you implement something like this in your own home? Read on to find out.

Perfect For The Heart Of The Home

This new approach can be easily transferred into the home by taking inspiration from the renaissance in these large environments. After all, comfy, cosy, and full of charm are all the attributes wanted when relaxing in your own home and is something that farmhouse interior can provide.

While the original form of the design may have heavy influences of country, the new take is not viewed as poor taste, but instead focuses on melding simple sophistication around statement touches. As such, many people are ready to incorporate the updated vibe in the home’s main rooms, like the kitchen and living room. 

Practical and Clean With Key Features Making The Statement 

The essence of farmhouse interior remains the same as always, in that the space should work practically and have a fresh feel. Anchored on the principle of earthy tones, the approach works best with a colour scheme that is light and muted. White and beige shades give the minimalist feel, but there is also no reason to be afraid of adding elements of colour to make an area stand out. A modern approach is often achieved by having a feature wall or furnishing that contrasts the neutral colour schemes but still achieves a warm and inviting feel. 

Similarly, brick walls and industrial touches, like copper light fixings, are features that can help you make a living room pop without compromising on the overall style. 

Furniture That Fits The Design

The need for a non-cluttered space means that the choice of furniture in your living room is very important, as it generally takes up the most space. 

The choices should also be practical. Needing a space where everyone can gather together in comfort is essential to the environment that is being created. Most of the time, this greatly relies on large pieces of furniture, like a sofa or a white Welsh dresser, serving the purpose of attracting your attention, while providing a discernible use that will avoid the need to overpopulate the space. 

To make your furniture choices work, there needs to be a focus on natural materials. Aspects of antique, reclaimed, or vintage wood can work well against a backdrop of simple tones. Materials with cotton or linen touches will help keep the scheme balanced and comfortable while highlighting crafty elements. 

Affordable Accessories To Accentuate 

One of the benefits of this style is the flexibility it offers when trying to add areas of interest. The blank canvas created means that there are many approaches you can choose to take, and they don’t have to be expensive. 

Textures are easy to introduce, and this can be best achieved by using the walls as an area for expression. Modern takes on this can vary, but anything from abstract art to vintage maps can work depending on preference. 

Another way to accessorise is to bring plants into the space. Delicate foliage adds to the natural element but inexpensively boosts the whole vision. A large statement plant could sit wonderfully in a corner, taking in light from the open space created. Smaller options make great centrepieces for tables or fireplaces and bring the great outdoors into the heart of your home. 

Flooring or rugs are one design area that can be overlooked or difficult to get right. The idea of reclaimed hardwood floors against the fabric of handmade woven material works perfectly for this particular style. A geometric print or Persian rug adds some personality to the area, so it should also be considered when wanting to emulate a traditional farmhouse design in your home.  

Relish The Freedom Farmhouse Design Features Offer 

The modern farmhouse style is the perfect mix of the warmth of rural environments with fresh and refined up-to-date interiors. The style is sophisticated yet easy to achieve, with an uncomplicated premise that calls on you to put your personality on the space in a clean and organised way. 

It is very difficult to get this style wrong as long as you keep things casual and playful. Family-friendly is at the heart of what this design tries to achieve, so there is no need to shy away from any area. A living room is clearly to be lived in, and there aren’t many other schemes that embody the spirit of this better than farmhouse interior design.

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