5 Amazing Garden Designs That Are Easy To Do

You may have a trendy and modern style house, but there is just something so eye catching in a well maintained picturesque garden that adds just the right amount of texture, style and earthy tones to your living space. From planting seasonal shrubs and herbs, to designing your own flower bed to growing luscious green trees, we have a list of modern schematic garden designs that will make you spoilt for choice. These ideas are both stunning as well as practical, so feel free to dive into the world of gardening.


  1. Add Flowers

This is by far the easiest yet most efficient way to landscape your backyard. Flowers are gorgeous, not only do they add a texture and colour to your garden, they also appear more welcoming. If you are on a tight budget, or planting palms and bushes is just not your thing, invest in all year varieties such petunias, Lilly’s, Jasmine and roses. A flower bed is perhaps the best option for those of you who are short on space, or are planning to turn your porch into a mini garden space.

  1. Plant Vines 

Another way to instantly take your gardening space up a notch is by planting rambling flower vines. There is nothing more elegant and romantic than a delicate flower vine slithering across your fences and columns. As far as choosing a vine goes, we recommend that you stick to a delicate and friendly vine species that can be controlled, clematis is a stunning vine that blossoms in shades of red, pink, white and purple. We suggest growing it over your fence or letting it ramble over your shrubs and bushes.

  1. Using the Art of Camouflage

Do you have an unattractive area in your house? Looking for ideas to hide it? This is our most recommended tip where you can amp up your garden while still dressing up a portion of your house. Start by disposing an island of lawn at an elevated height than your driveway for instance. Now make a low box hedge towards the back of the island and plant it with roses, shrubs, cacti anything you like. Kudos to the multi-tasking you just did.

  1. Integrate Your Ornaments

The rule of thumb to gardening is to accessorise properly. In this case a stone ornament, or better yet a water feature not only looks stunning but provides much more dimension to gardening space. It signifies serenity, beauty and you also get to see a variety of bird species visiting your space often.

  1. Add Height to Your Lovely Gardening Space

You wouldn’t want your house to appear unidimensional right? Then why would you design a garden like that too?  Add lovely eye catching planters and hanging baskets to create visual interest with the minimum of efforts. You can experiment by adding a wide variety of boldly coloured bushes plants that give the impression of colourful waves roaring across your garden. 

And before you go, read some motivating garden quotes to keep yourself focused to the task.


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