3 Reasons to Create a Summer Memory Box

I often find mums are so busy they can’t remember what they did one day to the next let alone last summer. This is where a memory box works really well. Memories are really important to us and especially our children as they affect their personalities, future, help discover passions and even careers! With our busy pace of life it is really important for us to help our children remember and cherish positive, happy and loving memories, not just of key events like holidays abroad but everyday humble activities like going for a bike ride.

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So here are my top tips that I will be using to create our memory box for Summer 2014!

1 It’s a democracy
Ask each member of the family what they would like to do over the summer holiday. Ask them to choose simple activities like going to the park to big activities such as going to a theme park. This way everyone will feel they have a say in their summer holiday and it improves children’s confidence and sense of self worth.

2 Grab a shoe box
Each child can either create an individual memory box or you can create a family memory box. It can be as simple or as lavish as you would like it to be, for younger children they can cover it in paper and then draw over it or with older children they can decorate it with different art and craft materials.

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3 Start filling it
Your child can fill it with anything they want that is special to them. My daughter aged 9 would put her plane ticket, postcards and any cocktail umbrellas she may have collected on holiday, my son aged 4 would put toys that are broken but special and perhaps a photo and I would put recipes and a shell in the box.

4 Talk about objects
Use this opportunity to find out more about your children and ask them why they have chosen a particular object and what makes it special. It may help you as parent to understand them more and see things from their perspective.

5 Reflecting
In a world full of electronic images there is something very real and comforting about seeing, holding and smelling real special objects. Sometimes it is the simple things in life that give us the most pleasure. So every now and again use the memory box to start a conversation about the good times you have all had especially when going through tough times so that you can really encourage your children to focus on the positivity and happiness around them.

I hope this inspires you to start a memory box and you may well be surprised in a year from now how many special moments you have all had together.

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