Four tips to eliminate stress from house moves

It’s not a newsflash, moving home is by no means easy. It’s something that will bring you stress, and something that will make you question if it’s all really worth it.

Unfortunately, this is never going to change. Even if you take a completely hands-off approach, and employ every professional under the sun to help assist your house moves, there are still a lot of logistics to keep on top of.

As today’s title may have already told you, we’re now going to take a look at some of the ways you can manage your move and ultimately tone down your stress levels.

Have a backup plan

It doesn’t matter what you are told in those initial days, there’s every chance that your house move isn’t going to abide to the dates that your solicitor has specified.

It means that a backup plan is essential. If things do go a day or more overdue, make sure you have collated a list of local storage options which can provide refuge for your furniture in the scenario where your house moving timeline has not gone quite to plan.

Then, there is your own accommodation. It’s not uncommon for people to seek temporary accommodation when things overrun, and this is something else that you will need to research.

Take advantage of a second viewing

Most people know if a house is for them after viewing it for the first time. The second viewing is then designed to iron out a few details.

Well, it’s these details which can really come to your aid from a stress point of view.

For example, one of the first jobs that you should be doing as you move in is setting up your utility bills. Ultimately, you need to know where all the meters are based. This is where you can really tap into the knowledge of existing owners, and go from there.

This can then go into the burglar alarm, appliances and even the fuse box. In short, tap into this knowledge source as much as you can as when you complete your purchase, it will cease to exist.

Get cleaning

It’s one of the worst parts of moving but trust us, it will need doing. Whenever a house move takes place there is always plenty of dust, dirt and other things that you would rather not see.

Rather than wait until the furniture is moved, start with a clean slate. Start with a deep clean and then move your furniture in. If you don’t, the furniture will just cover the grime, and it’ll be left there for years.

Adopt a smart labelling process

In truth, we could pen a whole dissertation on how to pack properly. Labelling is key though, and marking up each box and the room that it is designed to go into is paramount for a stress-free move.

If you can do this, you’ll find that the process of “living out of boxes” is much shorter and you’ll be fully moved in quicker than you would have ever imagined.

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