Five Ingenious Storage Solutions for Your Home

We’re already mid-year, my goodness! I thought to mix it up a bit rather than my usual Q&A sessions, I’d compile all my super storage advice for you into one article, as a large majority of questions I get asked are regarding those tricky areas. My mother taught me that the best solution for clutter is a garbage bag and a cool head. But after you’ve discarded all unnecessary trinkets, what happens to the items you actually need? The truth is, if you have belongings, you will need storage, and the key to great storage is finding a place for items that does not infringe upon open space and adds a certain je ne sais quoi. I have compiled the clever storage solutions below because they exemplify great storage, allowing you to stow items proudly, in the open, without interfering with a room’s design.


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Versatile pieces are awesome because they effectively utilise space. The sofa-bed is probably the epitome of multifunctional furniture, but carpenters are becoming increasingly clever. Take the cabin bed, for instance; a raised frame with cupboards and drawers galore.  In smaller spaces furniture should double as storage, like antique trunks used as part time cupboards and full time table tables or sensational sideboards that extend the length of the wall, holding vases on top and books in the compartments.

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2. DRAWERS – Can you think of any other place in your home that offers as much untapped square footage, as under the bed? Probably not. By raising the platform and installing drawers, you can unearth some serious storage capabilities. Another great spot for drawers is in a staircase. By making use of the leftover area underneath the stairs, you can create large drawers. Using loft stairs is even better, as opposed to a set on a lower floor allows you to comfortably access stored items without interfering too much with comings and goings.

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3. SHELVES – Empty walls are valuable territory and can be used for much more than art backdrops. Up is where you’ll usually find space, so fitting bespoke shelves as floating units higher on a wall is always a great idea. Boxed shelves can also be fitted from floor to ceiling providing ample storage space without infringing upon the room. You can also use shelves in unlikely places, lose your bed’s headboard and create a new storage chic one from two or three shelves; great place for a mini library!


Five Ingenious Storage Solutions for Your Home

Closets and dressing rooms help conserve valuable space while providing ample storage. Try to vary the space by combining racks, with hooks and shelves. By using different types of storage, you can take full advantage of snubbed space – behind the door, between the floor and hung items. Creating custom cupboards and drawers also helps. The space below slanted velux windows is prime territory for cupboards, utilising space that is often overlooked.

5. CARVED NICHES – Sometimes, shelves sticking out is not conducive to rooms at home. Invert that shelf, metaphorically, and carve out a niche! By taking a chunk out of a wall, framing the recess and lining it with grooved panels you can use that dead space to breathe life in to your room. En-suite shower rooms are another great place for niches. Instead of hanging toiletry units, consider a carved cubby for simple storage.

I hope to have given you the keys to attaining comfortable storage solutions, need any more information? You can visit where I work or leave a comment below and I’ll be sure to get back to you 🙂



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