Why sex drive is on the decline & 10 natural ways to boost libido

Modern diets and lifestyles seem to be common recurring themes when mentioning women of any age, especially nowadays while trying to understand what is happening to living with the pandemic situation. Women nutrition through the ages has seen a big change in which nutrients seem to drop from their diets the essential vitamins and  minerals such as the basic fruit and vegetables intake. It is important to understand what is happening to our bodies, how this can impact libido and what could happen to us if we continue going down this path.

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During a health event I recently attended, I found out about different ways of dealing with the health issues that us women have to deal with on a daily basis including the loss of libido and here are some insight and tips.

Our bodies need  nutrients as most vitamins and vegetables work together as if we miss out on these, we could look at factors such as obesity which consequently may lead to strokes, high blood pressure and  cardiovascular disease, just to mention some. Unfortunately its not going to get better, as we saw and read during the pandemic, as cases got worse during this unprecedented time.

When talking about healthy diets, often people and more often women, do not consider their brain health as an issue and they don’t take preventive action for the future.  It seems that theres some kind of awareness but people don’t think at when this can happen, as it may happen in the near future and they don’t seem to think about it now and reflect on it with 62% saying their future brain health concerned them and 22% have a family history of deteriorating brain health, with 49% forgetting why they’ve walked into a room.

There seems to be an increase in number worldwide in dementia resulting from poor diets and again it seems that women are the one that may suffer the most. 618,576 women are currently living with dementia in the UK predicted to rise to 1,308,244 by January 2051.

Diets can have major impacts on getting pregnant as fertility rates are low in the Uk as ONS data shows total fertility rates are at an all time low and also pregnant women have implications with nutrients as they may lack in vitamin D which is very important for their bodies.  Healthy eating and including folic acid, iron, vitamin C, vitamin A and zinc can have a major impact on getting pregnant and during pregnancy studies show that what one eats has an impact not only on the woman but also on the child’s development.

One subject which is not talked about too often is the Libido. Dr David Edwards, a UK GP, suggests that people are having less sex than ever. The reasons behind could be related to the different jobs that women do, like look after the children, work, stress and so on which impact on libido. There seems to be a lack of time out for couples to be together on themselves without interruptions, like going out for dinner without the children. Couples often miss out on basic attention before having sex, like kissing and touching. Is social media to blame for the lack of libido? Whatever it is let’s look at what we can do naturally to boost libido which makes us happy when we have it. 

10 natural ways to boost libido

  • Plan date nights with your partner, time alone just for you two where you have open communications
  • Engage on more time together before having sex, by kissing, touching and maybe using sex toys
  • Discover what and where the female erotogenic sites
  • Try sleeping better as having a baby can often result in poor quality sleep
  • Plan a healthy diet as often as possible as research found that 79% thought that there was a link  between diet and energy levels, 51% never think about what foods could impact their libido and 35% don’t know which nutrients help libido. Nutrients are key therefore vitamins and minerals could be giving you a low libido if these are missing or not enough.
  • Eat as much natural food as you can such as herbal remedies as Rhodiola rosea, Gingko and Ginseng and don’t forget to check beforehand if they are safe to take.
  • Try to find time to exercise.
  • Eating healthily try not to become overweigh as it can lead to obesity.
  • Stop smoking
  • Seek advice from professionals, you can look up for information on the College Of Sexual and Relationship Therapists.

Another issue that may not be known, is that there may be a link between libido and drugs, such as the contraceptive pill, as the latter may give low libido therefore ts important that you discuss with your partner if you still needs these drugs and if you do, maybe gave them reduced. if in doubt, check with your GP whom may be able to help you deal with issues from drug intake.

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