When does a habit become an addiction?

Just trying something a few times turns into doing it all the time. It’s all too easy to go from drugs or drinking occasionally to doing it a lot more and it becoming something you turn to frequently, but when does it go from a habit to an addiction? There are signs that you’ve become addicted and it’s no longer something you just do for fun or to relax. Some of the signs include the following.

woman smoking - Photo by lil artsy

Photo by lil artsy

You Find It’s Difficult to Stop on Your Own

If you’re finding it’s harder to stop on your own, it may be time to look into tricare addiction treatment. If you’ve tried quitting, but you can’t seem to stop, you’re likely addicted and will need more help to quit. Reaching out for help now can stop the addiction from becoming even worse and give you the assistance you need to quit for good – but it does start with asking for help.

It’s Harming Your Life

You may have noticed that the substances you’re taking are starting to actively harm your life. You may be getting into more arguments with loved ones, missing work because you’re not well enough to go, or getting in trouble at work because you aren’t completing your tasks for the day. If substance use is starting to harm your life, now’s the time to reach out for help, before you lose your job or your loved ones.

You’re In Risky Situations Often

You might find that you end up in risky situations often or that you end up in jail as a result of using substances. If you’re going to risky areas in town to be able to purchase a substance, going late at night to get just one more drink, or you end up stealing to get money for the substance, you’re suffering from addiction. Getting help for the addiction can prevent you from being seriously injured or facing a lengthy jail term.

You Suffer Severe Withdrawal Symptoms

If you do try to quit on your own, what happens? If you go through severe withdrawal symptoms when you can’t have the substance of choice, your body is addicted to it and it can be dangerous for you to quit alone. Instead, you’ll want to look into addiction treatment options and go through a medical detox to minimise the risk of detoxing from the substance. Withdrawal, depending on the substance, can be incredibly dangerous to go through alone, so medical care during this period is vital.

You Start Looking for Excuses

Does everything seem to just be an excuse any more? If you’re looking for reasons to be upset or to have to take a substance, then it’s likely you’ve fallen into addiction. The more excuses you make, the more you’ll use the substances, making the problems that much worse. At the point where you start looking for more excuses to use, it may be beneficial to look into addiction treatment.


If you’re noticing any signs that your habit is turning into an addiction, help is available. Take the time to learn more about your options and how you can turn things around today. You don’t have to struggle alone if you’re trying to quit and you can get the help you need to recover from whatever substances you take.

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