What You Need to Start a Walking Club


Walking is one of those activities that you can’t get enough of once you start. It feels so freeing when you’re on the go and it instantly lifts your mood. There’s not much to not enjoy about this wonderful type of exercise. I consider it as my third sport and try to walk everywhere I can. By doing so I have discovered so many corners of London which are true gems.

It’s possible you love it so much that you want it to be a larger part of your life. Launching a walking club is a great way to participate in your favourite activity and share your enthusiasm for moving swiftly through the outdoors with others. Embrace the challenge and get creative with your approach. See what you need to start a walking club.



A Plan

It’s a good idea to come up with a plan, instead of shooting from the hip. The more organized you are, the more receptive your newcomers will be to your vision. Have processes in place for how you’re going to market your walking club and bring on new members. You’ll also want to outline trails and places that are fun for walking around in and follow a schedule, so your group knows when and where to report each time.


A Social Media Presence

One way to target and recruit more people who love walking as much as you do is to get on social media. Launch profiles on different platforms, like Facebook. Use an online Facebook cover maker to design a sleek, professional cover photo to boost your Facebook’s image. The maker is super-fast and super easy, making it ideal for those with little design experience. Social media will allow you to get in front of the right audience, so you’re certain to attract people who are into walking or want to learn more.



Starting a new club is challenging. Give yourself a break by allowing time to build and transform a group of people into dedicated walkers. It’s likely going to require a lot of time, effort and patience on your part to make it work right. Don’t be discouraged if you only have a few people sign up at first. Keep going and it’s likely you’ll begin to grow and expand as walkers find you and start telling their friends and family about the club. Remember why you’re doing it in the first place and avoid letting any hiccups stop you from continuing to develop.

Clear Communication

The difficult part about organizing a new club is that there’s a lot of confusion around what it is, why it exists and when it meets. Use email, print, face-to-face and digital communication methods to interact with your club members and keep them informed. Take the lead and select where you’re walking and when. Keep the schedule consistent, so members can plan for it and arrive on time. Embrace being a leader and come ready to take charge.


Walking is an activity many people enjoy doing in their free time. Use your abilities to attract the right kind of people who’ll appreciate what you’re doing and join in. This is what you need to start a walking club.

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