What to do if you get injured at work

Justice is not always certain if you get injured at work. Insurance adjusters are interested in saving their company money. The worker’s health is secondary. 

Here are some tips on winning a workers’ compensation claim.

Hire An Attorney

Injured workers have certain rights and they need a lawyer to protect these rights. The employer and the insurance company owe the worker benefits. Visit http://918oklahomaworkerscompensationattorney.comto schedule a consultation. It’s crucial to listen to the attorney and follow their advice.

Report the Injury

Workers can’t win a claim if they don’t report the injury. Further, a claim needs to be filed with the state. Benefits are not automatically given to workers. Some adjusters try and use any excuse to undercut the worker. Follow your company’s procedures for reporting an injury.

Visit the Company Doctor

The employer must have a list of doctors that workers use if they’re hurt. Failing to treat with an approved physician is grounds for denial of a claim. In addition, see the doctor as soon as possible. Indeed, visiting the doctor promptly helps with any settlement of the claim. The worker has a chance to recover faster and it takes away any argument that the accident didn’t occur at work. Workers have the right to visit the emergency room if necessary.

The attorney advises clients that doctors on the list have relationships with the insurer. They’re more likely to look out for the employer rather than the patient. That’s because the employer refers business to them. Claimants should select a doctor of their choosing if the opportunity develops.

Be Truthful With the Doctor

Claimants should always be honest about their condition. Don’t try to embellish symptoms because it will come back to bite you. Doctors know when patients are not telling the truth and may doubt you in the future. Tell the doctor about every symptom you have even it seems minor. Don’t give the insurer an opportunity to use anything against you. Minor symptoms can develop into something serious.

Get all the benefits

Make sure you get all the benefits you’re entitled to. The insurer must pay for medical treatment, testing, and procedures. Further, the employer should never have to pay for prescriptions. Let the attorney know whenever the insurer fails to pay. Likewise, workers are entitled to income benefits. The worker and their family shouldn’t have to suffer due to the injury. Claimants who lose at least three days from work are entitled to temporary disability benefits. The maximum weekly amount is $898.63.

Workers are also entitled to vocational rehabilitation. Vocational rehab is for workers who will not be able to work their usual job. Rehab may include job retraining and job placement.


Attorneys make sure workers who are permanently injured get the correct benefit. There’s a formula to determine how much workers are paid for permanent disability. Permanent disability is an important part of a workers compensation settlement. Insurers are more likely to offer a decent settlement for permanently disabled workers. The settlement should offer the claimant some financial security for the future.

The insurer is not your friend if you’re injured at work. Winning a workers comp claim starts with hiring a personal injury lawyer. Don’t try to represent yourself. The lawyer makes sure the claimant gets the benefits they’re entitled to. Further, seek medical treatment immediately.

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