In a world of mass production, factory made synthetics and materials often reach the market that not even a machine would love; with this in mind, the battle to get quality bedding is becoming ever harder.

Of course, there are many quality bed quilts out there on the market, the trick however is to finding them.

A great place to look is www.thebeddingcompany.co.uk, who supply memory foam mattresses and pillows (more on this later) along with Silentnight bedding.

Many of us have heard of silent night mattresses, which, according to adverts, propel us into an unconscious cloudlike nirvana, but many of us aren’t aware that the company actually provides luxurious bedding to go along with it.

But what is quality bedding?

You may be surprised at the amount of effort that actually goes into bedding as material, thread count and machine weaves all make the difference to the end product.

What is a thread count?

Simply put, a thread count is the amount of threads found in a square inch of material; the higher the number of threads found per square inch of bedding, the higher quality that the bedding is.

Indeed, the finer the individual threads are, the stronger that they have to be, which is a hard task to perfect. Interestingly, the highest thread count made in the United States is 310, although in Europe, the count is much higher.

What number is a quality count?

The number that is regarded as ‘quality bedding’ is assumed to be around 200 threads per square inch. With this in mind however, it is important to bear in mind that some manufacturers will count a double-ply yarn twice in order to have a larger thread count. Ply of course, simply refers to the number of individual yarns it makes to produce a single strand of fabric.

As you may be already aware, thread count isn’t all there is to good quality bed linen, as we all know, material matters; without decent quality material, thread count means nothing. Nada. Niente.

What materials are there?

• Pure cotton is of course one of the most popular fabrics used in the world of bed linen as it is comfortable, easy to clean and long lasting. Especially in the warmer climates of the world it is a brilliant fabric; offering the sleeper a cool and breathable bedding material.

• By far one of the most renowned materials, Egyptian Cotton, is widely regarded as one of the most luxurious bedding materials in the world and is a trusted mark of quality bed linen.

• Of course, no list would be complete without the beauty that is pure linen itself. Excellent for both breathability and comfort, it is loose, open and wraps magnificently over and around your body. Made from the Flax plant, it is two to three times stronger than cotton.

• And of course, when it comes to duvet fillings goose down in undoubtedly the way to go. Nothing beats the quality and comfort of sleeping under one of the bedding company’s king size goose down feather duvets.

What of memory foam?

A relatively new invention, and one of the only bedding technologies to have surfaced throughout the past few thousand years, if you are looking for nothing less than a perfect night’s sleep then a memory foam pillow and mattress could be the thing for you.
Invented for astronauts during G-Force take offs, the material users its polyurethane foam to mould to the shape of a warm body; excellent for the elderly or those who suffer from arthritis.

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