What is Hot Yoga and what are the benefits?

Like traditional yoga, hot yoga will also help to improve your strength, flexibility and reduce excess stress. The yoga exercise is very popular and has been used for centuries to enhance overall body health. But with the added boost from heat therapy, you could benefit immensely from hot yoga. Hot yoga has been linked to improved lungs, heart and muscle function. If you are thinking of practising yoga in your free time, the yoga mats website is here to help you begin your journey successfully. Read on to understand how the hot yoga exercise will benefit you.

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What Is Hot Yoga?

Most people have only heard of traditional yoga, and the term “hot yoga” might be confusing to many. Hot yoga is a variety of yoga routines practised in a heated room of about 85 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The one in charge of the session is responsible for adjusting the heat in the room. It is believed that the heat is meant to help you stretch easily and detoxify your body. Today, hot yoga is the most preferred because it allows your muscles to become more pliable or flexible. It also makes you feel wonderful after the practice session.


Benefits of Hot Yoga

Apart from stretching your muscles easily, there are other benefits of hot yoga that will make you consider the exercise. They include;


Boosts Flexibility

Having a stiff body is one thing you want to avoid at all costs because it will slow your down in every aspect. Thankfully, hot yoga allows your body to become more flexible, allowing you to bend easily and do your daily task with ease. This is because this form of yoga allows your back, shoulder and hamstrings to become more flexible.


Reduces Depression


Stress is one thing many people face, but too much of it could lead to depression. If you feel you are falling into depression, consider going for hot yoga, as it will help reduce your stress and ease the depression. The American Psychology Association confirms that hot yoga is a good way of relieving your depression.


Increased Bone Density

As you age, your bone density begins to decline. This is why older people are encouraged to practice yoga. It is because most yoga classes involve supporting your weight, which helps improve your bone density. This greatly helps reduce bone damage or osteoporosis in both men and women.


Improves Your Skin

According to Eminence Organic Skin Care, yoga is an excellent method of improving your complexion as it allows your skin to glow. During the hot yoga classes, you will sweat a lot, and by sweating, you are nourishing your skin. This is because it allows blood to circulate evenly, which brings oxygen and nutrients to your skin cells.


Burns Excess Calories

Traditional yoga can help you burn 183 calories if you are 160 pounds. But with heat therapy, you could burn more calories than you expected. This is because the exercise is intense, unlike the traditional one.


Should I Try Hot Yoga?

Practising hot yoga is a good way of improving your general body function as it allows your muscle to stretch. Most importantly, it improves your organ function like the heart, lungs and skin. Therefore, trying out hot yoga is a one-way ticket to good health and happy life.

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