Using CBD tinctures with food! Is it a good combination?

Are you confused about how to consume the CBD tincture that you are willing to buy? Many people may have this hurdle where they have to find ways to add the tincture into their daily routine. Some may prefer directly consuming it. However, some may want to get creative and add it to their meals.

Several people prefer consuming CBD Tinctures with their food. It allows them to consume it slowly without having many different types of taste. Furthermore, incorporating these tinctures into your meals is much easier. In addition, CBD tinctures are impressive since they aren’t as active compared to THC compounds. Hence, adding them into your daily routine can be a good option.


Coming back to our question, is using CBD tinctures with food a good combination? Yes, it is. However, it depends on your requirements and taste. Why? We shall discuss it in this article. However, before that, you should know what CBD tinctures are first.


What Is CBD Tincture?

Cannabinoid CBD comes from the hemp plant and helps create a trance state rather than developing a high feeling like THC. There are several forms of CBD, and the most common form is the CBD Tincture. These tinctures are produced by saturating the cannabis’ isolated flowers in a high-proof grain liquor. After that, low heat is used for some time on it. Soaking cannabis in alcohol can result in tinctures due to the suspension of CBD in a carrier oil like coconut oil or olive oil.

This allows all the cannabis active to get instilled into the alcohol after getting boiled. The resulting liquid, called CBD tincture, can be consumed without smoking or any such processes. Furthermore, these tinctures are perfect for providing pain relief without any adverse or high effects of cannabis or similar prescribed drugs. 

How to use CBD Tinctures?

There are several ways of using CBD. You will find gummies, pills, oils, creams, and tinctures of CBD. You may get confused about tinctures since gummies and pills may seem a better option to you. However, CBD tinctures are also pretty easy to use. You can consume them directly by putting them under your tongue or even adding them to your food or drinks. However, putting them under your tongue means keeping them in place for about a minute before swallowing.

The dosage of the CBD tinctures depends on several factors, such as the CBD concentration, your body weight, and the reason you are consuming it. You also should follow the instructions that you received from the CBD tincture provider. After understanding how your body adapts to a certain amount of CBD tincture, you can eventually increase it as per requirements.

Adding CBD Tinctures Into Food

When you want to get creative in terms of your CBD tincture dosage, you may want to try adding it to your food. The best part is that this strategy will improve how the CBD gets absorbed and delivered to your bloodstream to interact with the native system. It has positive effects on the absorption rate of CBD.

When it comes to which food would be ideal, if you want to add CBD tinctures, it would be food containing fatty acids. The main reason is that fatty acids can help in binding cannabinoids and, in the liver, get metabolized into energy. The loss of CBD passing through the first metabolism will get limited. Examples of such food items are avocado, meat, eggs, and cooking oils like olive, sesame, or coconut oil.

Benefits of Combining CBD Tinctures Into Food Items

There is an increasing market demand for CBD tinctures. Furthermore, CBD tincture food product consumption increases, especially among patients. It’s a therapeutic alternative for patients, as per several experts. Mixing CBD tinctures into your food may help treat several health conditions, which include:


  • Anxiety
  • Severe Pain
  • Cancer-related conditions
  • Insomnia and other sleep issues
  • Loss of appetite
  • Acne


There are also certain mental effects of CBD tinctures, such as you may get sensations of recreation and ecstasy. Furthermore, it’s intoxicating and even has anti-inflammatory characteristics, which help relieve stress. In addition to that, CBD tinctures can also help cure pain, poor appetite, and weight loss in cancer patients.


Recipes You Can Use For Consuming CBD With Food/Beverages

You can even add CBD to your food recipes now! You can also find CBD tinctures edibles out there. However, if you want to cook up something of your own, then you can try it out through the below recipes:



You will find several types of CBD tinctures present in the form of gummies, chocolate, and even cookies. You can try out preparing the cookie yourself. First, start with setting the temperature in the oven and mixing the ingredients. While mixing the ingredients, add the CBD tincture as well. Then mix it up properly into a batter and add other ingredients like chocolate chips and nuts. Then put a spoonful of batter onto the ungreased pan and start baking.


You can also add CBD Tincture to foods or ingredients having fatty components since CBD is fat-soluble. You can put it into chocolates, butter or other such fats.

Dinner Ingredients

Adding CBD to dinner food items is also possible. You can put the required amount of CBD into your bread toast, eggs, or even the olive oil that you will put into the salad.



You can now add a twist of CBD tinctures to your regular coffee to enjoy the benefits of CBD. You can pour a few drops of the CBD tincture into your coffee and drink it up like usual. It’s the easiest way to consume CBD tinctures.


CBD tinctures are easy to consume as you only have to put them under your tongue for about a minute and then swallow. However, some people may not like its bitter taste. In that case, you can incorporate it into your food. It even enhances CBD absorption in your body. Within an hour of eating the food, you will notice its effects. However, if you want quick results, it’s better to use the CBD tincture directly.

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