Unmasking hope: A night at the Mardi Gras Ball for The Head and Neck Cancer Foundation

On Saturday, 11th November, 2023, together with a group of London Mums contributors, I attended the third annual Mardi Gras Ball at the Crowne Plaza in Gerrards Cross. Organised to raise funds for The Head & Neck Cancer Foundation (HNCF), this event was a celebration of life, music, and philanthropy.

From left to right: Ranjeet Panesar, Antonella Zangaro, Madeleine Neave

From left to right: Ranjeet Panesar, Antonella Zangaro, Madeleine Neave and Monica Costa

A Night to Remember: Mardi Gras Ball for HNCF

The Mardi Gras Ball, an annual event organised by HNCF, is not just a glamorous occasion; it serves as a vital platform to raise awareness and funds for head and neck cancer treatment. The UK lacks significant preventive care for this less-known disease, making organisations like HNCF essential in driving groundbreaking treatment to minimise the impact on patients.

The Cause: HNCF’s Mission and Objectives

HNCF’s mission is clear: to build public awareness of head and neck cancers, enabling early detection through education on symptoms and signs. Their dedication extends to funding research, technology, and training for innovative and minimally invasive treatments, with the goal of reducing the impact of surgery on patients’ lives.

In their own words: “We are striving to minimise the impact of head and neck cancer surgery so that patients can maintain a high quality of life post-treatment.”

A Dazzling Evening of Music and Magic

The Mardi Gras Ball was a spectacular affair, and the Crowne Plaza in Gerrards Cross provided a perfect backdrop for the festivities. The evening commenced with a silent auction that, while it may have extended into the midnight hour, was a testament to the generosity of attendees.

Tickets for this prestigious event included a delectable dinner, refreshing drinks, and world-class entertainment. The lively atmosphere was set by an impressive seven-piece band that undoubtedly kept the energy high.

Mardi Gras charity ball london mums team

Hosted by Mimi Harker OBE

Mimi Harker OBE, Buckinghamshire Councillor, esteemed campaigner, and philanthropist, served as the evening’s host. Her presence added a touch of elegance and authority to the event. The theme for this year’s ball was Mardi Gras, and attendees were encouraged to embrace the theme with daring and vibrant outfits, including optional masks, headdresses, crowns, wigs, and hats.

The Charismatic Charm of Mardi Gras

The dress code encouraged attendees to be daring and vibrant with their outfits, and the results were dazzling. The room was filled with an array of fabulous masks, headdresses, crowns, tiaras, hats, and wigs, each contributing to the charismatic charm of the Mardi Gras theme.

Mardi Gras dress monica costa London Mums magazine dress by Antica Sartoria

I sported a dress by Antica Sartoria Positano bought this summer in Taormina, Sicily, and an authentic Venetian mask

Making an Impact: Fundraising and Awareness

The Mardi Gras Ball was not just about revelry; it was about making a tangible impact in the fight against head and neck cancers. Attendees generously contributed through a silent auction, a raffle, games, and an interactive photo booth. The night also featured an award-winning magician, adding an element of mystery and excitement to the proceedings.

HNCF’s Ongoing Initiatives

As the night unfolded, it became evident that the funds raised would support HNCF’s ongoing initiatives. Their work includes training surgical teams in Sentinel Node Biopsy and funding innovative treatments that utilise new technologies, leading to less invasive surgeries.

A Call to Action: Supporting HNCF

In a country where prevention care for head and neck cancers is limited, supporting organisations like HNCF becomes crucial. The Mardi Gras Ball is a testament to the community’s commitment to raising awareness and funds for a cause that impacts lives directly.

A Night of Unity, Music, and Hope

The Mardi Gras Ball at the Crowne Plaza in Gerrards Cross was more than a glamorous soirée; it was a celebration of life, a testament to the strength of the community, and a beacon of hope for those affected by head and neck cancers. The joy, colour, and music of the night will linger in the memories of attendees, serving as a reminder that together, we can make a difference in the fight against this lesser-known disease.

For those interested in contributing to HNCF or learning more about their initiatives, please visit HNCF’s official website.

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