Top 5 worries for your child as a mum

As a mum there is an endless list of worries surrounding your child both before and after they’re born. Being responsible for another human being is an enormous duty and one that never stops even when your child becomes an adult.

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One major parental concern is the risk of infant death syndrome, this horrific and unknown condition will always be at the fore when your baby is born. Although there is nothing you can do to stop it happening, you can get some piece of mind from realising how rare the condition is.

Cerebral palsy is another condition that mothers often worry about due to the numerous pregnancy problems that can cause it; failure to perform a necessary c-section, failure to notice an infection, and unreasonable use of delivering equipment can all lead to your child developing cerebral palsy.

Parents also worry over feeding habits – particularly if you’re a mum who breastfeeds. Commonly mums worry that they produce too little milk or that the quality of the milk is not good enough. It’s important to trust in your body that it will provide for your baby’s needs. However if you’re still worried it’s best to contact your midwife or local GP for advice and helpful tips to put your mind at ease.

A worry over consistent crying continually makes the top five worries. It’s important to bear in mind that each baby is different, although your baby might cry more than another it doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with them. On the flip side if your baby doesn’t cry much at all that isn’t necessarily a sign of problems either. Once again, if in doubt contact a midwife.

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Arguably the biggest worry mothers have is that their baby/child will get hurt, from birth trauma to school accidents there are plenty of dangers your child might face. If you believe your child has been hurt and the fault was someone else’s then again seeking help from solicitors is a wise option. Furthermore if your claim is viable, you and your child may be compensated which will help you both move on with your lives.

What is your biggest worry for your child/ren? Please share it with your fellow London Mums.

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