Top 10 tips to detox your life in 2012

We all make new year’s resolutions. They seem to be always the same which we can’t keep up with. This year is the year of the Olympics so it’s in order to desire to be sportier and healthier. Here are my good intentions for 2012 and I am sharing some tips to detox myself.

1) Try tech detox – Take it easy and spend quality time with your child/ren at least for 1 hour every day. No need to say that this is going to form your kids’ loveliest memories and helps de-stressing. Avoid having your iPhone with you in the process.

2) Live a greener life: do some ART & CRAFT activities with your kids utilising recycling materials from the household. Check London Mums’ creative tips here: Come to the London Mums’ creative workshops every Monday 4,15-5,15pm

3) Eat healthier food. Check our nutritionist’s tips on how to gain energy from your food:

4) Have fun cooking healthier food with the kids, here are some Italian recipes:

Mini meatball and tomato sauce pasta

Traffic light pasta

Moonbeam pasta

5) Use homeopathic remedies to fight colds and flu instead of Calpol. Read our expert’s advice on this:

6) Start a regular fitness regime, something you really enjoy doing that will motivate you every week. A couple of London Mums and I joined a fencing club in SW London less than two years ago. We love it so much that some of us dared saying that ‘it’s better than sex’. Jokes apart, we really enjoy it while keeping fit and I even managed to win the club championship… Priceless! Check this out! At the far right you can recognise one of our London mumpreneurs’ Rita Kobrak too! 🙂

Check also our fitness tips here:

Strictly come Ballet dancing! It’s never too late to start! plus read our exclusive interview with Darcey Bussell, one of the most graceful and magic ballerinas in Britain.

If you love dancing and want to learn a new dancing discipline, come along to Move it!, the biggest dance event in the UK. We have 1 of 4 pairs of tickets to give away – check it out

ZUMBA is the latest trend in fitness. Try this classes if you are in SW London


7) Practice YOGA for physical and mental wellbeing.

It certainly helped me in various stages of my life. You can even do it on your own or with your baby at home. Check this Baby Yoga guide.

8) 8) ‘Declutter the family’

Young folk are often very receptive to a structure for organisation. And before you fall about laughing, I don’t mean that they have a natural dispensation to the minimalistic. What I mean is that they like life made as easy for them as possible. Read professional declutterer Cassie Tillett’s tips to tidying the Children!

9) Declutter your home

Sell all your unused items on EBAY. It’s a great exercise and will re-energize you.

10) Declutter your wardrobe

If you are a fan of Sex and the City you may remember the memorable ‘toss’ & ‘keep’ meeting at Carrie’s flat to revamp her wardrobe. It’s an amazing feeling which again helps re-energize your body. Check our fashion consultant’s tips on how to do it:

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