Tips to improving sleep during the hot summer

As it seems, Britain has been blessed with hot days. But with the warm weather, it’s no surprise that our sleep may be disturbed by the heat. Google Trends data has shown that 75% of UK sleepers have searched for cooler bedding this month, which is a perfect way to keep cool during these hot summer nights. 

In light of this trend, to help us all tackle the sleepless summer nights, I have searched for products specifically designed to keep you cool and relaxed in the bedroom, allowing you to sleep soundly and enjoy those summer days feeling fully rested and refreshed.


Being restless makes us also more prone to snoring so the first item I reviewed is Silentnight Luxury Anti-Snore Pillow. Not only is this pillow soft at the touch and firm in the inside, but it is obviously ideal for snorers that want to give their partners some respite. This special pillow features an ergonomically shaped foam core which has been designed to support the head and neck, keeping it at just the right position to reduce snoring. 

If the air is cleaner, I can sleep better. And parents can keep their babies and toddlers sleeping patterns in check with it. To improve my bedroom’s air quality I tried the ClevaPure™ Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp. 

This device has been developed by ClevaMama, the family-run nursery brand.  With its warm comforting night light and as a natural air humidifier, it helps babies and children calm and relax into sleep and most importantly beat illness.   

Lighter evenings and mornings can make it harder for little ones to doze off and wind down before bedtime and not forgetting the return of hay fever season, there seems to be no let up for getting a good night’s sleep.

Offering an array of incredible features and benefits, the Himalayan Salt Lamp can be used as a humidifier, a warm comforting night light with natural air purifying properties and an aromatherapy diffuser. By simply adding a few drops of essential oils to help aid relaxation – the Himalayan Salt Lamp is perfect for parents and little ones after a day running around or in the garden. The humidifying air with cool mist can also help to ease congestion and calm sore throats – often associated with hay fever. 

Sleep is hugely important, not only for babies’ health and growth, but also for their learning and development. During sleep, there is the largest release of growth hormone, which helps them to thrive and put on weight.  Memory consolidation happens when they sleep, and this is so important for their learning and cognitive development.

The lamp is brilliant as a night light, and also has a “melatonin friendly” orange glow. It is very useful that the light can be dimmed and brightened as needed. I like the safety and simplicity of the humidifier and the possibility of adding essential oils to the water.

I tested the lamp with my 16 years old. He is much older than the target market, but is sensitive to dusty air. He loved it and tackled his GCSE exams very well and relaxed. 

The ClevaPure™ Authentic Himalayan Salt Lamp is available directly from, Smyths Stores and independent retailers with a RRP of £65.00.   

Other tips to beat the heat at nighttime include swapping the duvet for a bedsheet to reduce and maintain body temperature, avoid strenuous activities that may raise core body temperature a few hours before bedtime, taking a bath or shower, avoiding large meals in the evening – the energy used by the body to process the food increases body temperature, keep curtains closed or wearing an eye mask. 

If nothing works to calm restless babies at nighttime, a new natural sleep aid has been formulated – Unplug Kids Bedtime. This is an all natural, vegan and gluten free sleep powder, the first sleep support of its kind for children aged 4 plus to combine Chamomile, Lemon Balm and Saffron, Vitamin D and K and Magnesium.  

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