Tips to beat Blue Monday depression and January blues

Dear London Mums, 

Blue Monday, claimed to be the most depressing and stressful day of the year, falls on 15 January 2018. The day is thought to bring doom and gloom thanks to a culmination of factors, including weather conditions, increased debt, failing New Year’s resolutions and low motivational levels.



It’s a day for many of us to take a deep breath and try to de – stress and relax. Sometimes easier said than done, but London Mums have it covered. This blog features some tried and tested remedies and tips that could help beat Blue Monday and turn it into a positive day instead.


Lemongrass tea


Among the simple and cost effective natural remedies for Blue Monday there’s lemongrass tea. It may be a relatively unknown drink in the UK, but it has a long history of use in parts of Asia, where it is not only drunk for its great taste, but also to aid relaxation. For me personally drinking lemongrass is preventative as I know that January always brings melancholy, mental exhaustion and fear of missing out (FoMo). 

Whilst many of us can appreciate that just the act of sitting back and sipping on a good cuppa can aid relaxation, research has uncovered there may be more to the relaxing effect of lemongrass tea than we might expect. It is proven that it can help reduce anxiety, tension levels and is even capable of helping certain muscles relax. Whether this is why those who drink it find it so calming is not yet fully clear, but it appears that there is more to lemongrasses’ benefits than just hearsay. I have recently tried a lemongrass tea by Natur Boutique, experts in high quality organic herbal tea blends, and loved its zesty flavour with a subtle citrus flavours of lemongrass. What I like about this Natur Boutique product is that it is grown without pesticides or fertilizers, and made only with one natural ingredient, and no fillers or additives. Warning! Always consult a doctor before using herbal teas if pregnant or breastfeeding . Green tea is a source of caffeine.

Whatever it is that’ s getting you stressed, Blue Monday or not, why not indulge in a calming cuppa of lemongrass tea?

Swap junk snacks with healthy ones 

December is the naughty month of the year, one when we indulge too much in food, drinks and sweets. In 2018 I am determined to swap all junk snacks with healthy ones.

I have come across a range of delicious healthy snacks by Innate (available from Ocado) made with herbs and spices, Beetroot, Butternut Squash and Spinach & Coconut. These air-dried savoury snacks combine vegetables, coconut and almond in order to achieve a happy marriage of exquisite flavour, nutritional balance and slow-release sustaining energy. They are by default gluten, dairy, grain, soy and refined sugar free, as well as paleo and vegan friendly. And they only cost £1.99 our pack.



Many of us overindulge over the rainy and gloomy Winter. Whether that means we eat too much bad food, drink too much alcohol or have too many sleepless nights (or in some cases, all of the above…) during the Winter months, the resulting effects are usually etched all over our faces.

These simple skin Spring cleaning and detoxing tips will help regain a young looking skin.

Biggest Beauty Secret Revealed – Skincare from the inside out

Skin Spring cleaning and detoxing tips

One thing always remains true though: You can scrub and massage anti-ageing creams into your skin all you want, but what you put inside your body is just as important as what you put on top of it. 

Clean up Your Diet and Give Your Liver Some Love!

10 negative ways sugar affects your health

Why Our Addiction To Sugar Is All In The Mind


The powerful antioxidants present in the following foods help neutralise free radicals and reduce sun damage while giving your skin a super-sized dose of the vitamins and antioxidants that fight wrinkles and give you a youthful, natural glow.


This is a well known remedy and one we all know. Despite knowing it though, I am drinking far too little water than I should.

Your body is made up of between 60-70% water at any given time, so no wonder getting plenty of H2O is vital for a glowing complexion. Low  water consumption is the primary cause of dry skin, and you’re likely reaching for heavy creams and lotions to replenish that moisture. However, creams and lotions don’t strike at the root of the problem, meaning you’re spending unnecessary time and money on an issue that can be fixed for pennies a day. Aim for 6-8 eight-ounce glasses a day to keep skin moisturised and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Sweet Potatoes

In just one sweet potato you will find more than 200% of the recommended daily value of vitamin A, says Banks. You’ll also get three grams of fibre, which keeps your digestive tract healthy. But what does that have to do with your complexion? A healthy and functioning digestive track can help keep your breakouts to a minimum. If only we knew that as teenagers.



Last but not least going out with your best friends can be a very good way to beat the January Blues. I have managed to get up to 60% discounted deals for London Attractions and theatre shows. Take a look at our dedicated page!


Keep calm and get through Blue Monday !



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