Tips on how to reduce allergens in your Home

After attending a conference on indoor air pollution last week, I talked to one of our London Mums’ experts, mumpreneur Marianne, Founder and Director of AllerGuard UK. She sent me her views on this important subject matter.

“Air pollution is a big topic these days. Data from the London Atmospheric Emission Inventory shows that just in London, 2 million people are living with toxic air, including 400,000 children! The good news is that these levels are falling, and a lot is being done to reduce those levels. There are great initiatives such as ‘Clean Air Day’ which has been set up for people to find out more about how to reduce air pollution, and to help make air cleaner and healthier for everyone.

It is obvious to many people that outdoor pollution can cause problems caused by car fumes etc, hence the new Low Emission Zone (LEZ). But what about indoor air pollution? In fact, this can be more deadly than outdoor pollution! Not only can poor indoor air quality make the symptoms of someone who already has asthma worse, but it may also play a role in the development of asthma in children.


There is not a great deal of information available to the public, and a lot of people are surprised to learn how polluted their home can be. Examples of indoor pollutants / irritants are: carbon monoxide, tobacco smoke, moulds, solvents, pesticides and indoor allergens such as dust mites. Did you know that just by ventilating your home, you can improve the air quality in your home?


Here at AllerGuard UK, we are passionate about educating the public about indoor air pollution and allergens, and we have developed an e-guide with ‘Tips on how to reduce allergens in your Home’ which we are sending out FREE.”


Simply email Marianne at with the Subject ‘FREE Top Tips’!

Marianne is a Danish/Dutch national, living in London with her husband and two children. Here is her story:

My two siblings and I spent most of our childhood suffering from allergies. Little did our parents (and the doctors) know then in the 70’s about allergies, how to prevent them and how to treat them. My parents decided to set up a charity for families affected by asthma and allergy in my hometown in Denmark and have been running the organisation ever since. 


My parents also came across AllerGuard around 20 years ago and after witnessing the dramatic effect it had on their children (who were all allergic to dust mites) and how much our symptoms improved, they bought the company. I then became their UK distributor about 10 years ago. My mother is a nurse and my father is an indoor environment consultant, and together we have developed the ‘Top Tips to reduce allergens in your home’. We hope that the guide will help many people to create a healthier indoor environment; free of indoor allergens, irritants and pollutants.’


AllerGuard  is scientifically proven bedding from Scandinavia and is recommended by many of top allergy consultants in the UK. Some of the many benefits to using AllerGuard are:


– Scientifically proven to drastically reduce the level of dust mites and other allergens in the bed room

– Scientifically proven to drastically reduce asthma and eczema symptoms and medicine intake

– Helps to prevent children from developing further allergies.

Visit our Website to find out more about how AllerGuard can help to prevent and treat asthma and allergy.

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More questions? You can always give Marianne a call on 07939690412 or email her on

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