The problem with over-the-counter hearing aids

The technology behind hearing aids keeps advancing. It’s far better today than fifty years ago or even twenty. That’s great news for anyone losing their hearing.

There are hearing solutions involving the different hearing aids on the market, and many are quite effective. However, you may not be certain about whether an over-the-counter hearing aid is the best option or whether you’d do better getting yourself a customised one.

We’ll talk about some potential problems with over-the-counter hearing aids right now.

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They’re Not One Size Fits All

The first potential issue with over-the-counter hearing aids is that they’re not one size fits all. The reality is that no two human ears are identical. Some are larger, and some are smaller. Some have subtle differences in their shapes.

This means that if you’re having problems with your hearing and you buy an over-the-counter option, it might not fit in your ear as snugly as you’d like. That’s one reason why you should at least consider a customised one that is made specifically for you.


There Are Different Kinds of Hearing Loss

You should also know that not all kinds of hearing loss are created equal, either. If you go see a qualified medical doctor about your hearing loss, they will want you to submit to a battery of tests. Based on the results of those tests, they will determine what kind of hearing aid will work best for you.

If you don’t go through this testing process and you simply grab an over-the-counter hearing aid, it might not work for you so well. Having a personal recommendation from a doctor who can give you some advice should help you get better results as you narrow down which hearing aid style and brand should be a part of your daily life.


The Over-the-Counter Ones Seldom Have the Same Customer Service

Then, there’s the issue of the customer service you’re liable to get with an over-the-counter hearing aid versus one that has been custom fit to your ear. An over-the-counter hearing aid might be cheaper than a customised option, but it’s likely the customer service will not be as reliable if there’s ever anything wrong with the equipment.

Getting a customized hearing aid will probably mean a larger out-of-pocket expenditure, but the superior customer service you can expect might make it worth it. You can probably talk to someone a lot more helpful if you’re dealing with a customised hearing aid and not a random one you bought at a drugstore.

You can always try an over-the-counter hearing aid, and you’ll likely save some cash over getting a customised one. The issues that we’ve mentioned might give you pause, though.


If you talk to a qualified medical doctor about your hearing loss, it’s more than likely they’ll tell you not to get a random hearing aid that hasn’t been modified for your particular situation. You can save money elsewhere, but this is one situation where paying for quality is probably the better move.

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