The less known health benefits of Blackcurrants

In the past years one of the recurrent themes and talks has certainly being vitamins, but did you know that not many of us are aware of the health benefits of blackcurrants? There’s often mention of citrus & berries vitamins but blackcurrants are rarely mentioned as perhaps there has not been much research on the benefits of this amazing fruit.

Extensive research by CurraNZ has highlighted blackcurrants’ incredible polyphenol properties as well as their many health, wellness and physical performance benefits, including endurance, fat burning, recovery from exercise, immune health and cardio-metabolic function.

Blackcurrants aren’t just a fruit. They’re a powerhouse; a force to be reckoned with. For hundreds of years, blackcurrants have been renowned for their health-fortifying benefits. It’s only recently that these small, dark fruits have stolen the spotlight for their evidence-based, polyphenol-rich qualities. To be more precise, research shows that blackcurrants are a rich source of polyphenols, with a high concentration of antioxidant-packed flavonoids, specifically anthocyanins, when compared with other berries.

Research findings tells us that the most polyphenol-rich blackcurrants are cultivated in New Zealand, this is thanks to the weather growing conditions that assure that carry many times more anthocyanin when compared to non-New Zealand cultivars, with delphinidin and cyanidin forming the majority of anthocyanins present.

How can these little berries help with our health? Blackcurrants are an amazing fruit and new reports have come out telling us how they could give you amazing benefits that help provide a practical and potent dietary intervention to make activity easier, abet with weight management, aid against obesity and a few medical issues, such as hypertension, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular illnesses.

Some facts that maybe you weren’t aware of:

  • blackcurrants are safe to take and can also be used along other vitamins.
  • robust science behind the information and knowledge of blackcurrants.
  • enhance the benefits of a lifestyle
  • they help you keep fit and maintain an active life
  • blackcurrants make activities easier
  • there are less barriers to exercise
  • they are good with helping with risk factors that everyone will have to go through at a certain point in life
  • using blackcurrants helps overcome muscles soreness experiences and makes exercise more enjoyable.


So, why not give blackcurrants a go? I think that ere are enough reasons to try these powerful berries while getting fitter and healthier. After all, isn’t this everyone’s goal?

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