TFP Fertility Group invests in first UK women’s health app to directly connect women with fertility specialists

The first UK women’s health, lifestyle and family planning app that guides women through their cycles, fertility, all the way to directly connecting them with real medical experts has been launched today by the TFP Fertility Group (formerly The Fertility Partnership), one of Europe’s largest fertility services providers.

The launch of Dia, which is a free app available to all, marks the first time that a UK fertility group has invested in technology that addresses the enormous gaps in knowledge surrounding female health and educates women about their health and family planning ambitions.

Despite the fact that premenstrual syndrome affects 90% of women, there is five times more research into men’s health issues such as erectile dysfunction which affects 19% of men (Harvard 18th ed. CRIADO-PEREZ, C. 2019. Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed For Men).

Dia aims to empower women to understand their bodies better. It predicts periods and calculates fertile days, giving insights into the different phases of a woman’s cycle and what they may mean for their mood, energy and sleep patterns. Revolutionising the female health sector, Dia uses the information provided to offer women expert-verified advice and reading material based on their input. 

Bridging the gap between the hundreds of fertility and lifestyle apps on the market, Dia has been created to not only be an education portal, helping to close the data gap between men and women’s healthcare, but to also empower women to understand their bodies by finding patterns in their data. The app contains a unique Fertility Forecast, verified by TFP doctors, to give women a better idea of their current fertility status and to find out what options are available to them. 

Dia also provides the option to instantly book a fertility assessment at a nearby TFP clinic or to book a video consultation with a specialist to discuss options face to face, connecting users with one of  TFP’s 200 specialists across the UK. 

Chakameh Shafii, Creator of Dia and Director of Digital Experience at TFP, comments, “TFP’s motto is to help change and create lives. We not only help both men and women through their fertility journey, but also educate them at the same time.

“The development of this app has been a passion project of TFP that not only gives women the knowledge to understand how their cycles and hormones can impact their daily life, but also the power to take control of their bodies and health.”

The Dia app is free to download and available to all women wanting to understand their health, bodies, and fertility better through educational resources and the ability to connect directly with medical experts at TFP. For those that are an existing or new TFP patient the data-secure app can also be used to track appointments and treatments. 

To find out more about Dia, download the free app today

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